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Forum Post: Boredom & OWS: Voting is Not the Solution to the Problem

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 28, 2012, 9:15 a.m. EST by salinsky (27)
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Where do I start?

The recurring theme here is all problems can be solved with the 'right' candidates, but we already have the most expensive elections money can buy.

Our system was created over 200 years to be ruled by financial interest. It's working just fine, for the rich. It's the poor that are fucked, but its always been this way.

The recurring theme here by the 'statu-quo' lawyers and what-not is that OWS provide 'good candidates' and then the OWS-Sheep vote for those candidates. But that's the same old problem, power truly does corrupt, and whoever is in power will be offered, sex, drugs, cash, ... and they will be controlled by the rich, its the same-same everywhere in the world.

Folks were way more smarter 2,000 years ago, they had direct democracy, and everyone served, and everyone participated and if you didn't you lost your citizenship, which meant you were a slave-dog.

The Greeks did fine. The entire status-quo that is America today is based on left-right paradigm, and both ends of the spectrum are owned by the same rich king-makers. Anybody on the fucking OWS that looks you in the face and tells you that OBAMA or BUSH are different and/or owned by different people is a fucking liar. Dimon, Corzine, ... Blankfein own both. Goldman Sachs say's jump and DNC & RNC ask how high. Fact.

So now we have a new party that calls itself OWS, and just throw your trust to them blindly like you would baby-jeebus trust,

We already know that the people that control this forum are losers and pathetic liars, they delete anything that doesn't follow their OWS talking points.

What is needed is the realization that the USA is too fucking big, that it needs breakup into a dozen or more small states and everybody needs to participate or they're a slave-dog. If we continue this blind 'electing' some asshole based on how good looking he his or how much shit he can tell you that you want to hear nothing will change.

Lastly, the reason that the OWS is leaderless is that DerLeader Kalle-Lasn is too fucking ugly to be the poster-boy, so he chose to have his face hidden from his club.

This entire 99% if BULLSHIT. The US revolution only had 5% actually fight and win the war against the British, 95% were too busy working and living. Same now, no way in hell you'll ever get more than 5% off their ass to change this country, but its already fucked beyond repair. But if you must repair and you must live here, then think about how YOU can be involved, and quit assuming that some stuffed shirt can do your work for you, its NEVER happened in the past history, letting another party take care of your assets, nobody cares about anything but yourself.

The Greeks had it right 1,000's of years ago, everyone took turns running the government it was your responsibility as a citizen, and if your were too lazy to be involved then you lost your citizenship, which meant that your life had no value that you had the same esteem as a slave or a dog.

Today in Modern America the 99% are DOGS because the 1% have convinced the 99% that its too complicated, .... BULLSHIT. The average politician is no smarter than the average OWS dimwit.



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[-] 2 points by JPB950 (2254) 6 years ago

So the civil rights movement wasn't able to get laws made and enforced to secure the rights of all people? The NRA, AARP, environmental groups never get legislation passed?

I propose to use a system already in place, while demonstrating against its inequities. It's worked for other groups. What do you propose and, more importantly, is there a way to get what you want?

You look at the representative republic as beyond hope, that colors your thinking on the matter (We're all guilty of bias, mine just favors of the system). No democratic system is workable with apathetic uninformed voters. Even Athens had leaders that misled the people.

[-] 1 points by salinsky (27) 6 years ago

The NRA & AARP have taken almost 100 years to accomplish their power.

The OWS in 5 months is pissed off it has no power, it only has liars and fools.

The first thing you have to have is 'respect' for everyone, .. funny that you compare the AARP & NRA to the OWS in terms of large organizational power.

It tooks years for the NRA to have the kind of clout it has today. One of the reasons for its success is that its very careful about its 'board' and picks only the best & brightest, and it rotates them all every few years.

OWS on the other hand is ran by liars and morons who hide and call their organization 'leaderless'. OWS has no fucking hope in hell of ever finding any clout, because its rotten to the core on the inside.

[-] 1 points by JPB950 (2254) 6 years ago

Yes I agree about the time it often takes to build any good organization. I used to mention the tea party but that seems to raise more negativity then the NRA does on here.

My basic position is to fix whatever your group can agree is broken through the system we have. I've learned that many of the most vocal OWS supporters consider the system beyond hope, but don't have much to realistically offer as a replacement at least not openly.

I don't think anyone knew how many Occupy supporters there were in the various cities across the nation in the first couple of months. That could have worked in their favor.

You may be right about lack of veracity in the leadership. I feel they would prefer a total collapse of the economic system and see it as an opportunity to advance an anarchistic-socialist agenda.

[-] 0 points by egoldman (-5) 6 years ago

The OWS is not sincere, real, or anything. The internet forums exists because of the BOT's and Indian Call Centers paid for by GoldmanSach's.

The protesting was largely driven by partying and free food in the summer months in the city's of the USA, when it got cold the party's were terminated. They'll come out again in the spring and there will be more free food and more partying.

But this is not real, .. you brought up AARP & NRA first, and they are excellent examples of "HOW ITS DONE", ... no attempt here.

From day-one this has been a secret organization ran by Kalle-Lasn from his CANVAS project financed by SOROS. The 99% is total bullshit, in fact the bullshit is so deep here that almost all rhetoric is deleted because it can't be justified.

Where do we go what do we do?

First of all you have to realize the USA is bankrupt, and its never again going to be the way it was, the USA is 100X more bankrupt than Greece.

The austerity coming to America will be un-imaginable. That's the first debate that needs to be done, ... but nobody here wants or thinks about reality.

[-] 1 points by GypsyKing (8719) 6 years ago

Salinsky, joined Feb. 28th, here to tell us not to vote. Okay.

[-] 0 points by egoldman (-5) 6 years ago


We're here to tell you that you have other choices than DEM or PUG,

That everyone needs to get off their ass and find a DNC candidate that is NOT owned by Goldman Sachs.

The mythology here is that Obama is an asshole, but smaller asshole than RNC assholes, ... that is the same argument they used to keep Somosa in Power in Nicaragua in the 1950's.

Obama is an asshole and we need to find somebody that is going to represent the 99% for REAL, and its NOT OBAMA or any RNC dimwit.

Gk likes to tell us what other people think, but then GK is an admin who is never deleted, but everybody else here is new daily because we get deleted daily, ... welcome to OWS the future of 'free speech'.

Obama got MORE money from GoldmanSach's than anybody in the RNC, that makes Obama the most dangerous politician in the USA.

The OWS is fond of hating the 1%, but then their 'sainted one' is a 1%-er himself. Hypocrisy run's so deep here its sickening.

[-] 1 points by GypsyKing (8719) 6 years ago

egoldman (Goldman Sachs?) Joined Feb 28th. Here to tell us to vote for nonexistant, alternative candidate, and to tell us that we're all a bunch of hypocrits.

[-] 1 points by salinsky (27) 6 years ago

What is the IQ of the average OWS flock-ee?


[-] 0 points by BlackSun (275) from Agua León, BC 6 years ago

You need to study actual history before you start a thread.