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Forum Post: Blockades do nothing

Posted 11 years ago on Sept. 17, 2012, 12:38 p.m. EST by JamesJames (2)
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Attempts to block people from going to work at the NYSE today do nothing. These methods have been employed for centuries, with no effect. Greenpeace is a great organization, they focused on whales and they got the world to legislate real change and they changed public views and attitudes worldwide. Today, Greenpeace unfortunately lives on its past success.

I think OWS can be great.

Push through legislation to make attorney fees non-deductible and you will gain respect, like Greenpeace did. Obviously that's my pet goal. I really don't care what OWS does, but I would like to see OWS be successful. To be successful, an organization must do 1 tangible thing to start, and do it together. Having campouts, demostrations and blockades does nothing. Its yesterday's news before we even blink our eyes. Again, OWS seems very diluted and directionless to me. And worst of all, you seem not to remember the key strategic method -- "Win the war before you fight" - Sun Tzu



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