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Forum Post: Bike ride to occupy!-Niagara Falls>Albany>Wallst

Posted 6 years ago on Sept. 14, 2011, 3:55 p.m. EST by STOPmagazine (0) from Niagara Falls, ON
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greetings from the honeymoon capital of the world (a rust belt marriage),

I am a local organizer and some friends and i are doing a bike trip to support a family at risk of being foreclosed on and losing their son, andy suffers from cerebral palsy, after the father lost work for due to an OCD diagnosis. The whole story is at www.wix.com/stopstartpedaling/home

We will be leaving the falls on September 27th arriving in albany roughly three days later then i will be pedaling on to wall st. for the sake of not losing sponsors i am keeping these events separate but in my heart they are united.

If you want to pedal with us please e-mail me or call me!

With hopes of a better future, -joe STOPmagazine@hotmail.com 716-579-0269



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[-] 0 points by anonymous () 6 years ago

Thanks for doing a good thing! Ignore this f#@king troll.

[-] 0 points by anonymous () 6 years ago

I would love to join you but I lost my left leg in a tragic break dancing accident when I was 12. I met Rick Astley through the make a wish foundation, so there was a bright side. Do you like Rick Astley?