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Forum Post: Big Business in harassing injured workers

Posted 8 years ago on May 18, 2012, 12:04 p.m. EST by ragincajun (3) from Pleasant Hill, CA
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Workers compensation benefits are the sole remedy for an employee injured at work. This was enacted to shield employers from being sued and is heavily regulated. The White House is reporting a 75% increase in prosecuting Medicare fraud but not addressing the fact that self insured employers and insurers are denying WC benefits to seriously injured workers who can't work. This forces the IW onto Social Security Disability and Medicare to receive compensation and medical care. This is costing the tax payers millions and nothing is being done to prosecute employer fraud to injured workers. Injured workers are routinely denied treatment, denied payment, forced onto state disability and when that runs out to SSDI. There have been documentation given to the DOJ and nothing was done not even a response. At the state level, Governors and Attorney Generals have repeatedly been given testimony of insurer/employer fraud and there is video of verbal testimony to the California Department of Insurance Fraud Assessment Commission where they admit they do not investigate Insurer/Employer fraud against injured workers. There is $33 million dedicated each year in California to fraud investigations and nothing goes to protect the injured worker from harassment, stalking, false imprisonment, job loss, vehicle tampering, and much worse.



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