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Forum Post: BFMM , Demise of the bad freak money mongers ,

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 26, 2011, 5:35 a.m. EST by thefutureisnow (223) from Newark, NJ
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\So take it easy and watch out for the bad freak money mongers , who will soon be bumming change on 8th avenue drinking an espresso they found in the garbage at star bucks while they are eating the crust of a half eaten pannini they scored from the whole foods dumpster to remind them of the good old days life was a big bowl of cheerios at the Yale club with NYC escort on top while their wife and kids were living it up by traveling to Disney land on a constant interplanetary basis with the money they mad by slamming middle class families in the street because their mortgage was behind 34 cents , and their most intelligent alien counterparts who are drugstore cowboys I a small Texas oil town accidentally found a way to compound the radical crap surcharges until it went from 34 cents to 34.000 in two months , oooohhhh those were the good old days , bad freak money mongers bad freak money mongers , oooohhh the shame but its cool Mr Broker you can just tie a stolen bike to your shopping cart to get your family around Manhattan , just like the other families you put there , bad freak money mongers , oooohhh the shame and then when you show up and try to cut the line at the soup kitchen maybe you can pay someone off with classy rolex you had inserted into your rectum by a doctor you paid with the rest of the bail out cash you had once upon a time when life was a bowl of cheerios at the yale club and you played spudnik at yadaga gardens , and found your last gold coin you had stashed away and had to use it for subway token because your eyeball dollar bills became as worthless as the paper it was printed on ,



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