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Forum Post: "Betrayed by Obama" Caller gets Schooled by Radio Host

Posted 4 years ago on Aug. 16, 2013, 10:08 p.m. EST by WSmith (2698) from Cornelius, OR
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Randi Rhodes does it again, "Professor Milo": http://www.randirhodes.com/articles/headlines-393046/call-of-the-week-professor-milo-11577485/

Specious complaints from Obama/Dem expats and independents of betrayal, disappointment and both parties same are lame or dishonest, deliberate or accidental; but coincidentally only help Cons. And sound a lot like this guy "Professor Milo": http://www.randirhodes.com/articles/headlines-393046/call-of-the-week-professor-milo-11577485/

So how'd we get here?

During the last 50 years, things didn't just change, a 1%-Corporate Tyrannical COUP took place on America and We ~ the 99% ~ People!

Somewhere along the way, the GOP moved out of the realm of political party into the realm of Religious Cult (like Nazis) ~ and their Charlie Manson (Hitler) is the greed-addled few in the 1% of the 1% ~ but they didn't have far to go.

The Coup was gradual, so everybody adapted if they could, everybody knew we had a "rat race" and a "dog eat dog" world to contend with. Sometimes it plateaued, but soon it kept escalating. Median wages stagnated, middleclass jobs dwindled and got replaced by more and more low wage jobs, while executive wages rose.

Tax revenues diminished, so did services. RW propaganda made government the common knowledge "culprit" and voting for it akin to aiding and abetting a wanted criminal.


The GOP persuaded the Religious Right (and other confused, misinformed and desperate souls) that they and only they could honor their "Values" (and cut their taxes). So they mashed religious freedom, guns, War on Drugs, War on Commies then Liberals then Iranians then Muslims, and the coup de grace: Abortion, and made it the RepubliCon Platform!! Of course they never mentioned that the real platform was the redistribution of all our and then the world's wealth to their 1% masters, cuz who'd vote for that? Not that Votes really mattered having mastered the art of election fraud, but they had to get some real Votes, beyond their 20% zombie base who will Vote Con no matter what.

Now, money has been a part of politics from the beginning, and in today's expensive media market, the prostitute will beat the altruist every time.

This left Dems in the awkward position of having to enter this corrupt, money-grubbing mix if they wanted to be viable contenders. Or yell from the outside how unfair it was, to zero media coverage and a short public memory. Those who refused to play soon found out, like Ralph Nader, that you can't effect change from the sidelines. Even if you managed to stay in the game and clean, you get dirty wrestling filthy pigs so, with the awesome power of 1%-owned "liberal" MSM, Cons could magnify the smallest mud stain into the largest betrayal/scandal in the current political news cycle. Therefore Dems, like minorities, had to meet a much higher level of expectation than their Con rivals AND take the evil money in order to fight the good fight another day. Publicly Funded Elections anybody??

The following will explain better:

What's the Matter With Kansas: http://www.tcfrank.com/books/whats-the-matter-with-kansas/ | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/What%27s_the_Matter_with_Kansas%3F )

Idiocracy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idiocracy

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Best_Democracy_Money_Can_Buy

Do Not Ask What Good We Do: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Do_Not_Ask_What_Good_We_Do:_Inside_the_U.S._House_of_Representatives



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[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 4 years ago

because the president is supposed to lead the people

he has failed to challenge the status quo

Corporation have been controlling government as long as I can remember

suddenly this lady thinks it can be drawn back to 2010 .

Black Money purchases more than campaign financing

black money owns the MSM and funds the business that employ us .

the government is dodging the issue of transparency.

She is completely ignoring the press control and private business control black money has over the people

[-] -1 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 4 years ago

Good Points: Both sides are bought out, theres only two sides to buy out.

Bad Points: We were doing good from 08-10, and blaming this entire thing on the Supreme Court.

Force Feeding prisoners and torturing people has nothing to do with CU.

Telling the people to shut up and eat their round up has nothing to do with CU.

Bailing out the banks for 5 straight years doesnt have anything to do with CU.

Telling Jill to fuck off with the debates has nothing to do with CU

Forcing the poor into the insurance scam is NOT progress Rhandi.

"Tell me what is dissapoint in the executive branch?" Really?

Thats 13 minutes of Rhandi yelling at someone who is blabbering back on the other side of the phone. Way to steer the conversation. Sounds like more Rush type nonsense to me.

[-] 2 points by WSmith (2698) from Cornelius, OR 4 years ago

OK, let's do Points:

1) You got it wrong: Elections DELIBERATELY made unreasonably expensive, force candidates who want to compete (and serve the public) to grovel for money: Advantage 1%-owned/bankrolled GOP. Two parties: Advantage 1%-GOP, three party elections much harder to steal.

2) Wrong again: '08-'10 Dem House got it done. Senate until Ted died. '10 Dem Voters pouted & America got T-Bagged. Royal SCOTUS CUed democracy ruling on a Hillary hit-video (will pro-Hillary video reverse?).

3)4)5)6) Sophomoric, CU irrelevant, Straw Men: Bush wars inherited, warts, prisoners and all | No Off-Switch on fraudulent, boondoggle wars | Congress disposes, Big $ blackmails | Bush-Paulson WS Bail Out(s), true amounts not revealed until years later | 15% candidate requirement was established in 2000, Google...

7) Seriously: Did you get that from Glen Beck?

8) Trivial but: The Fraudulent caller could not articulate one thing that disappointed him

9) Biased much: Randi tried to engage the fucking idiot, but he obviously LIED and then just ranted on and on, but she kept trying to engage him. Unlike RW radio, on LW radio opposing views are allowed and encouraged to discuss (two-way) their views (which is awesome fun) but no callers get to filibuster the show RW or LW. Unfortunately Professor Milo lied about who he was, wouldn't answer a single fucking question and proceeded on a prewritten manifesto. Not the first RW uni-bomber, but a good one, they're my favorite!

Call in, you get priority! Just converse with your views, don't lie and rant nonsense.

[-] -1 points by TropicalDepression (-45) 4 years ago

See, you claim to be anti bailout and you dont even understand whats going on.




And now 85 Billion a month since November in bailouts. So you obviously dont understand whats going on with Wall St.

Any human worth their weight in salt would have made a public statement after the ARRESTED Jill outside the debates. Neither did. Total losers.

Bush Wars inherited. Libya, Sudan, Mail wars started. Funding Al Queda in Syria and creating chaos. Its the American way. D or R doesnt matter. More duopoly when it comes to war. If you cant see that, you are a paid poster.

The Round Up line wasnt from Glenn Beck, it was from March Against Monsanto. Where the hell were you?

08-10 was 2 years of patheticness. Total lack of ability to lead. Thats what happens when you set records for accepting money from Wall St. Record setting bribes. Ponder that amateur.

Elections are expensive because candidates are too lazy to campaign, they'd rather run TV commercials. They want to get elected, not to lead or serve you. Get it through your head.

Glad to see you see force feeding prisoners who simply want to die because they are tired of being tortured as sophomoric.

You should run for Congress. You;d fit right in.

[-] 1 points by WSmith (2698) from Cornelius, OR 4 years ago

HELLO!!! Where the fuck are you subordinating liberals? Oh yeah, herding cats!!! Get Over That!!!

There is a group of people in the one percent of the one percent who are soooooooooooooooo sick with greed that they want it all. Just to be safer and more monarchic.

The Powers That Be, or the Power Elite are other names for them. They fund and control everything they can to their advantage.

Don't be duped/fooled/informed by their conventional and clandestine control!

This is the deviant world THAT our lack of voting and corporatization has led us to. Nader WAS RIGHT!!


Letting RepubliCons back in control would make things much WORSE!!! AS THEY HAVE PROVED!!!!!