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Forum Post: Best foods to donate? (via backpack)

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 30, 2011, 10:26 a.m. EST by MikeWiley (0)
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I want to come in tomorrow with a backpack full of food. What's the best choice of food to bring in? Canned? Dehydrated? Fresh produce (I'll be picking it up either before I hop on the train or in the city so spoilage shouldn't be an issue)?

And thank you. I haven't been getting involved in anything because over the last ten years I believed humankind was in a universal decline and we would all be dead soon anyway. I've spent my time enjoying the diminishing swamps and woodlands of Long Island with humanity buzzing in the background like a turd full of flies. It took this movement to draw me away from the beauty of the swamps and recognize again the beauty of humanity.

Lastly, I thought you might like this:

Trillionaire (Who Will be the First?)

It takes dedication to make a million Good connections to make nine more If you want to multiply that by ten You need to be a corporate whore Invest in foreign industries To topple those at home And watch it all on plasma screens In your private pleasure dome

You're on the road to billionaire But it bears a heavy cost None of that really matters much If the conscience is fully lost Manufacture overseas In some dictator's regime There's nothing against it in the Constitution Because the future could not be seen

So who will be the first scumbag To horde so much wealth To fill some sick deficiency Of spirit and mental health Will it be a weeping talk show host Who's paranoid with grief A fist brings only tension But an open hand might bring relief

More likely a dirty politician Who buys an undeserved win Countless corporate sponsors Guarantee they will get in Twisting laws for their own gains Our rights for their securities With all the benefits of citizenship But no responsibilities

That's why the corporations Weren't toppled by the crash Their lobbyists give the greatest head And it comes with a wad of cash Don't be fooled by the Senate hearings You saw on your TV When I heard "car envy" in a GM ad It was clear they didn't learn a thing

So it might just be an American We've perfected twisting law We turn dark skinned people into criminals And desperate mothers into whores So maybe an entertainer Will be the first to cross that line Chemically inflated then starved to perfection What American men call "fine"

You'll have to shake the finest ass Silicone technology brings You have to rap about fighting the Man While you're smothered with his bling Mangle an entire language Definitions left in the dark Priceless will be your anagnorisis When you've smothered your creative spark

The dirtiest rats in the race Always take the lead Dedication's a thing of the past Now it's purely greed Americans kill Americans To such enormous degrees Since we're so autophagous He'll probably be Chinese

You have my heart, Mike Wiley Bay Shore, NY



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[-] 1 points by dancer (1) 12 years ago

Wow! Thank you Mike.

[-] 1 points by shreddedhombre (7) 12 years ago

Spaghettois peanut butter spam and hot dogs