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Forum Post: Ben Fulford's Latest Report -New Monetary System Update.

Posted 6 years ago on March 21, 2012, 12:59 p.m. EST by PeaceNow (84)
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Naoshi Onodera holding what he claims is an 8000 year old Sumerian object, the Japanese imperial “Jewel.”

Naoshi Onodera claims he is the legal and rightful emperor of Japan and that Emperor Akihito is descended from a group of illegitimate pretenders who were put up as puppet rulers by foreign cabalists who use the Satanic star as their symbol. He says the sitting emperor is using fake replicas of the three ancient imperial treasures used to justify his position on the throne. These items are known as the jewel, the sword and the mirror and are said to be the oldest inherited items on earth. The real ones are in his possession and he is willing to have scholars and legal experts verify this and other evidence, Onodera says. This is an extremely important claim because it is intimately connected to the start-up of the new financial system and the possibility of fundamental regime change in Japan.

In recent years Japan has been controlled by a small clique centered around Hiroaki Fushimi, a distant imperial relative who has been trying to seize the throne and thus take control of the Japanese financial system. As a part of this plot, Fushimi arranged the murder of Princess Masako’s fiancée Katsuhiko Oku in order to force her to marry the crown prince so that he could substitute one of his own children as Masako’s child and heir to the throne, according to several imperial family members. Oku, who worked for the North America Number 2 Division at the Japanese foreign ministry was sent to Iraq where he was murdered, they claim. Fushimi has been an agent for George Bush Senior and has provided the Bushes with fraudulent financial documents, they say. Emperor Akihito has been a powerless puppet manipulated by this clique which includes the Prince Hitachi, the imperial family sources say. Fushimi refused to confirm or deny these claims when reached through his secretary.

This clique is now isolated and hiding in the Imperial Palace behind 6,000 uniformed guards. However, since White Dragon Society members are part of the inner staff of the Imperial palace, they must surrender and allow Eijiro Katsu, the senior Ministry of Finance Bureaucrat and Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa to open up the BOJ Black Screens and release the funding for the new financial system. Japan’s Ministry of Finance will then receive an initial payment of $10 trillion to be used fort post-earthquake rebuilding and to set up a new International Economic Planning Agency.

The issue of who has the ultimate legal claim to ownership of the vast hoards of Japanese Imperial Treasure that helps back up the new financial system will have to be decided by scholars and jurists at a later date because the new financial system needs to be started up ASAP. The man on the spot with the actual legal signing rights is Eijiro Katsu so for now the sword of global destiny is hanging over his head.

In any case, Onodera is undeniably in possession of some extremely unique and historically valuable artifacts. The “Jewel” he holds above has an eight petalled flower carved on it. Onodera says this object has been in his family for 8,000 years and has its origins in ancient Sumer. The flower is the oldest known example of the eight pointed star or the seal of the prophets, he says.

The other object he showed was the “sword.” The sword has an inscription on it saying it belongs to a king.

Onodera says it dates back to his Zhou dynasty royal ancestor from 1000 BCE. The sword is the oldest known Chinese sword, he says, and it is badly eroded.

The third treasure, the “mirror,” dates back 2100 years and is originally from Korea, he says.

Apart from holding what he claims are three treasures of the Japanese Imperial throne, Onodera had many other interesting items such as this item:

Tibetan Kings used this to sacrifice virgins until Tibet was conquered by China a thousand years ago and the Chinese emperors put an end to the practice, he says.

The other point to be made about Onodera’s claims is that many of Japan’s Yakuza gangs and right wing organizations support him. Onodera has been under the protection of the Nichiren Buddhist sect and has kept his identity, and claims, secret until now.

According to Onodera, when foreign armies invaded Japan in the 1850’s and 1860’s, they found the Japanese government owned 3/4ths of the world’s known supply of silver. In order to get their hands on it, they supplied an impoverished Northern lineage with rifles that could shoot 400 meters while they sold the richer Southern “legitimate” lineage rifles that could only shoot 100 meters. The symbol of the Northern Army’s flag was a 5-pointed star, the symbol of Lucifer, also known as Satan. The Southerners were massacred and foreign banking families got their hands on some of the treasure. Ever since then, he claims, Japan has been run by these puppets of foreign financiers.

Onodera also makes a more startling claim. He says his family is directly descended from the biblical Abraham. His claims are backed up by the fact that the family tree of Abraham corresponds exactly with the family tree in the Japanese foundation myths. To confirm this Onodera produced what he claims is the original stone tablet of the 10 commandments. He says it was given to his ancestor by “celestial beings.”

Onodera says all of the items in his possession are available for expert scrutiny so long as he and his staff are able to monitor the objects at all times.

Needless to say, Onodera also has complex genealogical tables, documents and other evidence to back his claim to being the heir of the oldest known, still extant, royal lineage on earth.



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[-] 1 points by SiriusOrion (8) 6 years ago

comment post from Ben's blog

Hello Benjamin,

this is Derek from Germany. Thank you for the amazing information you spend to us. It took me quite a long time to understand what kind of person you are. The interview with David Wilcock in December 2011 made it much better understandable for me. I appreciate your both work very much even when you two are so different.

We here in Germany are in a very unique situation after the 2. world war. We do not live under our constitution but under a law of the winners of world war two. We have the headquarters of EUROCOM and AFRICOM right here in Germany, where the next wars are planned. German people are afraid to say something against Americans and Jewish since the last war. We even to not know what has happened during the regime of Adolph Hitler, because the history is always written by the winner (the winner takes it all, the loser standing small).

We are working hard here but without luck. We are pushed always in a position which makes us look arrogant and selfish. That is not what we are. We have a long tradition in culture and love to live individual life. Our situation is rather similar to the Japanese one. There are a few advantages we have like the small number of nuclear power stations and that we have worked on our history a lot. But the result is pure because far from the truth. When I went to school no teacher was able or willing to tell something about the past.

I was waking up in 2008 when Lehmann Brothers went bankrupt and our Politian's told us something about system relevant and too big to fail. It took us quite a long time to understand that this story started already about 6.000 years ago in history of mankind and became really relevant with the signed FED contract of Woodruff Wilson in 1913 against the liberty of the American people but also later to all other nation because of the global economy.

We notice year by year that the most wars are created by a system which is well described in the book "The economic hit man". We are now close to the election for the next American president and cannot see that the big number of American people understand what is going on this planet. We see just Ron Paul who talks about the truth but I guess his carrier might end up like the one of J.F.K. or M.L-K.

The US administration invests a awful lot of money for propaganda like "Kony 2012" to prepare next war over Africa. It looks like IRAN plans are taken without much contra in the USA. The imperialist trace of the USA since the second World War is a masterpiece of cynical hypocrisy. No war can bring this system to an end, since is it based on weapons. The only way is by information and great persons like you Ben, David and many others ANONYMOUS which work on basis and background.

Thanks a lot


Dear D,

The world needs to know more about the Thule society and the role Odessa played in the post war period. The German people need to understand that Nazi was short for National Socialist Zionism. Hitler was a member of the Rothschild family. The original name of the Rothschilds was Bauer. Hitler's role was to chase the Jews out of Europe and force them to live in Israel where the Zionists were planning to set up a world dictatorship run from Jerusalem. Hitler was attacked because he began to go against the role he was put in place for. He went "rogue," according to cabal terminology. The way I was able to get my mind around all the anti-German propaganda I grew up with was to ask myself the question "what if the Germans were 20% right?" Doing so allowed me to begin exploring "taboo," information and was very helpful. Hopefully soon all the lies we were taught as history will be exposed. Every individual doing their part with original research helps because "the truth shall set us free."