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Forum Post: Beautiful Wedding Day

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 16, 2012, 3:36 a.m. EST by Kama (0)
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It’s official fiancé and I have different definitions of what constitutes too much make-up. Day-to-day it’s not an issue, as I'm too lazy to work much more than a swipe of mascara and a touch of blush. But in wedding( http://www.boutiquedress.co.uk/wedding-dresses ) world-where it’s my bridal duty to glam myself into oblivion with all manner of products一we’re got a problem on our hands.

Which is why I find myself in a salon chair early one morning, ready to drop a small fortune on a hair and make-up test-run. The hair part is a low side bun of soft curls, complemented by my amazing Jenny Packham headpiece. Success! Next it’s on the the make-up artist, where a lay down a few ground rules: a bit of evening-worthy drama on the eyes-and absolutely NO FOUNDATION. “No foundation?” she gasps. “But, you need it for the pictures. The flash will make you look shiny if you don’t have anything on your face.” She squeezes a silky, flesh-tone potion onto the back of my hand. “How about this, which is more of a tinted moisturizer?” it looks harmless, and I don’t want to insult her expertise, so I tell her to go for it. Half an hour later, I’m looking fabulously (and tastefully) bridal. My skin’s warmed up and I love the eye make-up. I confirm my wedding-day( http://www.boutiquedress.co.uk/royal-sweetheart-beaded-organza-chapel-train-champagne-wedding-dresses ) appointments on the spot and head to meet fiancé for lunch, which is when the whole issue erupts. “You’re beautiful, so please don’t take this the wrong way, but are they kidding me?”he asks in place of greeting, “You’re orange.” “It’s just tinted moisturizer,” I reply, stunned and parroting the make-up artist. “It’s a must for the pictures!” (I have to admit though, when I sneak a glance at myself in a shop window, my face looks several shades darker than it had indoors). “What I love is that your looks all work together-the dark hair and the eyes and your coloring complement each other,” fiancé explains later, when emotions have died down. “What’s more important, looking perfect in the pictures or in person?” I want to tell him he doesn’t get it-but it’s hard to argue when someone says they love you just the way you are. And he has a point: it’s a wedding, not a photo shoot. Later that night, when my moisturized face starts to itch and I leave bronze streaks on my clothes, I decide I’ll keep the glam eyes but ditch the face tint. Because on our wedding day above all others, I really do want to look like me. And besides, how awkward will those photos look if the groom gets covered in orange smudges when it’s time to kiss the bride.



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Ya gotta love capitalism.