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Forum Post: Battle Hymn of the Occupation

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 7, 2011, 7:47 p.m. EST by MerchantofLight (46) from Chicago, IL
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Battle Hymn of the Occupation Harrison max Pfingsten

Dear Grandmother needs feeding for the rat’s been at her store And little Red can’t bring her bread when she can find no more. Her house now quakes divided and the wolf is at the door The weak are preyed upon

Tory Tory how you screwed us Tory Tory how you screwed us Tory Tory how you screwed us The weak are preyed upon

The people have gone bankrupt while the princes’ profits soar What peasants use to feed themself, Lords use for keeping score The grumbles of the rich drown out the wailing of the poor And all the jobs are gone

[Chorus] And all the Jobs are gone

Feudalism isn’t dead, you’ll find fiefdoms galore Our nation sells her favors off like any common whore She and her friends each take a bite and leave us just the core Our nation’s wealth is pawned.

[Chorus] Our nation’s wealth is pawned

They’ll chat, snug in their castles, heedless of the masses’ roar “The whining of the commoners is always such a bore.” “The plebs are getting restless. We should start another war” The battle line’s been drawn.

[Chorus] The Battle Line’s Been Drawn



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