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Forum Post: Bank Gurantee /Letter Of Credit

Posted 5 years ago on June 23, 2012, 12:16 p.m. EST by rudday (0)
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Dear Sir/Ma,

We are direct providers of Fresh Cut BG, SBLC and MTN which are specifically for lease, our bank instrument can be engage in PPP Trading, Discounting, signature project(s) such as Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum, Telecommunication, construction of Dams, Bridges, Real Estate and all kind of projects.We deliver with time and precision as sethforth in the agreement. Our terms and Conditions are reasonable, below is our instrument description.


  1. Instrument: Bank Guarantee (BG/SBLC)(Appendix A)
  2. Total Face Value: Eur/USD 1M MIN and Eur/USD 5B MAX
  3. Issuing Bank: HSBC, London or Deutsche Bank Frankfurt or any Top 25 WEB
  4. Age: One Year, One Day
  5. Leasing Price: 6% of Face Value plus 2% commission fees to brokers.
  6. Delivery: SWIFT TO SWIFT.
  7. Payment: MT-103.
  8. Hard Copy: Bonded Courier within 7 banking days.

All relevant business information will be provided upon request.

If Interested kindly contact me via Email:;rudy.s.bglease@gmail.com

or through skype: (suryohadi2) in other to furnish you with other information



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