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Forum Post: Back to basics

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 2, 2012, 2:55 p.m. EST by caughtya (32) from Elmer, NJ
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What ever happened to the worker.The guy or gal who through their hard work built this country. Today most people don't know what hard work is. I agree that office work is demanding,mentally though and time consuming.These jobs add to our economy, but only help the businesses! The real hard work is done by the worker.

I built the table using my skills and labor.Office HELP is just that, HELP,a mere after thought. The product and the person who made it, always came first . It's hard to sell a salesman,secretary or manager,Yet they often make more. Why??? Our compensation should be in our paychecks. The Office HELP paycheck should be less! They are compensated differently. Air condition ,heat ,clean working environment,no dangerous conditions,after all the worst thing to happen; You get a paper jam. Call in the worker to fix it.

They only helped with paper work.Like I said try to sell that!!!



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[-] 1 points by caughtya (32) from Elmer, NJ 6 years ago

In Russia after the nuclear melt down, reporters on the seen claimed ,the mayor sat on the side of the road like a bum.The most important guys in town: GET THIS The plumber,water and toilets,The electric man,power,The butcher,food and The builder fix houses. That's a real life example of what the worker is worth!!!