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Forum Post: Attention To The Leadership of this movement in Liberty Square

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 3, 2011, 7:55 p.m. EST by JwR1986 (13) from Wisconsin Rapids, WI
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Attention To The Leadership of this movement in Liberty Square

ABC World News tonight just aired a 17 second segment on the NYC Liberty Square protesters that A. basically implied the movement is uncoordinated with no real message or leadership and B. Implied to people watching tonight's segment, that have no idea of your/our movement, that 700 protesters raided the Brooklyn bridge this weekend, when in fact they were led to that roadway by NYPD (As i understand it). I am in Wisconsin and there is little to no media coverage about what is going on and I understand why, those in power don't want my friends or I to hear about it.

If the people running this protest/revolution/movement do not soon get a clear coherent message together and get it to the American people, via free unfiltered social media, then the 50% of america that this could and should effect, well that 50% will get what a slanted, tilted message from the main stream media that is payed for by the rich.

We need leadership now - The NY General Assembly needs to act now. We need marching orders and we need them now because after the media reports tonight on the movement, it's already getting slanted by the bought and payed for media. Without leadership from NYC, news outlets like ABC, CNN, FOX, ect. will slant this as 'just some college kids with nothing better to do'

They (the main stream media) did it tonight and they will keep it up until the average american understands what You (Liberty Square) are attempting to do. I get it, however my fellow brothers and sisters in Wisconsin don't have a clue. A majority of our country that this could/should/would effect don't have a clue about what is going on.

Change this now, via free unfiltered social media before the rich label this movement as terrorism.




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[-] 2 points by dunesphere (2) 12 years ago

I agree with this. But I think the message is clear. People are fed up with being jerked around and treated like idiots.

[-] 1 points by JwR1986 (13) from Wisconsin Rapids, WI 12 years ago

The message is clear, I understand the message. However the message is not getting out. The message is being presented to the people of the United States through a lens that has been washed and filtered by the 'free' bought by the rich media(CNN ABC FOX MSNBC). This movement needs to get leadership talking heads on the news outlets to get the message out. There needs to be a Live unfiltered unedited broadcast from liberty square. Without an editor cutting tape, without big brother editing what is said in its entirety to make it sound different.

[-] 1 points by Edpilani (3) 12 years ago

This should be the message:

  1. End the Federal Reserve Banking Corporation!!! It is NOT a branch of government and is in VIOLATION of the US constitution.  TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT!!!!!
  3. Audit, Investigate and prosecute the acting members of the Federal Reserve and it's affiliates on Wall Street. 
  4. END ALL INCOME TAX and end the IRS!!! According to the constitution taxes are voluntary, not mandatory. The IRS is a fraud. Look it up. 
  5. Legalize Hemp!!! Decrease our dependency on synthetic, non bio-degradable, petroleum based products. They destroy our environment and our health!!! 

OCCUPY THE FEDERAL RESERVE!!! A movement with a defined objective..... 

Clear and concise. Not much more to say.... The OVERWHELMING evidence is available for all who look for it. These 5 goals, once accomplished entirely, will change the course of human history for the benefit of ALL mankind.

[-] 1 points by SterlingM (9) from Tallahassee, FL 12 years ago

Ok. So they are fed up but what specific results do we want?

What actions do we want the Govt. to take to resolve the problems we see in the country for now and the future?

A movement is great because it let's others know you are not alone and great change can be the result. But after a while a purpose with actionable results needs to be achieved. We can not all be sitting around, marching around, protesting aimlessly.

Look at history. All movements had a purpose. Stated goals. Civil Rights. Voting Rights. End a War. Get rid of a corrupt, brutal leader, etc. etc.

You want to stop corruption and greed you must demand rules that work to prevent it!

This is my suggestion: http://occupywallst.org/forum/28th-amendment-now/ Accept it. Modify it. Reject it. But if so, state something concrete that can galvanize the people.

[-] 1 points by JwR1986 (13) from Wisconsin Rapids, WI 12 years ago

No action is to come from the government. The government is/has been bought and payed for.

This must come from the people. It has to come from us.

~We the People~

[-] 1 points by SterlingM (9) from Tallahassee, FL 12 years ago

"in order to form a more perfect union."

Absolutely it must come from the people, but our elected officials must enact the laws that we the people want.

We are a nation of laws and our leaders, the ones we put in office, must know what we want and they must address those issues. They must make corrections in the law of the land to fix what the people see as injustice, inequality, unfairness.

Our leaders need as much direction as "We the People". They are our representatives. I think the issue has been for too long they have been taking their orders from agencies that do not represent the interests of the people. They are not completely representing the people.

Establishing demands that work to break that link between those agencies who have "bought and payed for" them is a purpose of this movement. It needs to be stated as such.

[-] 1 points by JwR1986 (13) from Wisconsin Rapids, WI 12 years ago

Our leaders need to be held accountable for their actions and at the same time, We the People need to be held accountable for our actions.

I don't think we will ever have laws passed in favor of us (we the people) without a new congress. I mean to say, that without a new majority in congress that is not a part of the old guard (Rep, dem, indpen. ect.), nothing will change.

We still have a vote, now we need people we trust to make change in a institution that has been corrupted via big business of every color that only cares about profit and power.

We need people in every state that stand with the small, the weak, the less fortunate. We need brothers and Sisters that give a dam and have the ethics to stand up and not get bought out.

(this is just a rough/working idea of what I think is needed to change the debacle we are in)

[-] 1 points by SterlingM (9) from Tallahassee, FL 12 years ago

Yes, I agree with your remarks. This is why the 28th Amendment has terms limits as one of its proposals. This is why campaign finance reform in the way of PUBLIC funding only for elections is also in there. This is why everyone pays into the social security system so it's less likely to be raided to balance budgets elsewhere.

It's going to be very difficult to get new leaders in place with the amount of money that is spent on campaigns, financed by corporations and the very wealthy who join together and form "super packs".

If 10,000 average working American's join together do you think they could come up with 1 million dollars to contribute to a campaign? Awesome! Oh wait, a small hand full of business and wealthy types just donated 25 million.

How do you compete against that when most Americans are struggling just to make ends meet? How do you galvanize a nation for that kind of change when all someone has to do is say "Abortion" and the entire conversation derails?

Without a strong internal expressed purpose with clear objectives this movement will simply fall away as it gets railroaded by corporate media and tone deaf politicians. Sure they will placate and produce sound bites but elections are over a year away.

Is this movement going to last that long on energy and enthusiasm without some tangible thread binding people together?

Can the movement fade away then come back stronger just in time for elections? Let's hope so.

I understand your position. I agree with it. Your interests are my interests. I think a lot of people's interest. I simply doubt it will manifest organically through group think. I don't see it as being effective against the pressures our elected officials will be under by groups other than the People. Groups that truth be told are their friends, their peers, where they will go for 6 figure jobs after their stint in elected office is over.

This idea, this movement, this reason for gathering must be directed.

[-] 1 points by James12345 (13) 12 years ago

I think one of the main goals should be investigations into corruption...investigations that we can witness, not completely opaque shams. Investigate the Fed, damnit. That's something that everyone can get behind. Then, once everyone understands the extent of it all, some real change can take place.

[-] 1 points by concernedcitizen99 (37) 12 years ago

Occupy Wall Street is a protest movement that has been going on since September 17th made up of the 99% of the world's population demanding freedom from this system that benefits only 1% of the world's population. Here is what Occupy Wall Street is all about:

Occupy Wall Street: The Call to Action! - http://youtu.be/MFT_peGBIv4

Occupy Wall Street: Why You Are Here - http://youtu.be/9Coj32rqEgw

So what is Anonymous? Here is your answer:

Anonymous: For A Better Tomorrow - http://youtu.be/9TG4RTwctlw

Anonymous: Are You Happy? - http://youtu.be/ET4Ki5Tr_CQ

Anonymous: What Are We Capable Of? - http://youtu.be/gP9q61Fjlqo

Anonymous: Message to the World - http://youtu.be/vNoaNfEGUuY

[-] 1 points by RantCasey (782) from Saginaw, MI 12 years ago

The most important battle to fight against the one percent is to quit allowing them to polarize and to separate the 99%. Thru the media they try to create distractions against the real issues. The fixes are very simple (end corruption) yet we are always told to fight while they rob us blind. I keep hearing people say what is OCCUPY fighting for? I see it. It is UNITY. WE can't make demands until the 99 percent UNITE. Keep building and fixing bonds. That is what the one percent is afraid of. They are afraid of the 99% uniting. They are trembling over a few thousand. They are already scrambling and making mistakes. Keep marching and UNITING the 99%

[-] 1 points by SterlingM (9) from Tallahassee, FL 12 years ago

I also heard on NPR, of all places, this movement being linked to Marxism.

Paraphrase: "Sure all protests start out small. That's how marxism started."

This group needs a focus and direction. They need a stated goal, not just "Stop being greedy."

I propose this as an idea/focus: http://occupywallst.org/forum/28th-amendment-now/

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 12 years ago

the protesters were LED onto and then CORRALLED on the bridge by police in order to make it impossible for them to easily ESCAPE. This was PLANNED by the pigs... in order to reverse blame for the incident and turn the mob into trouble makers. Heres the rub. the pigs DID "gently" "warn" not to go on the bridge... to the first 50 persons... the people who then followed the cops onto the bridge had no idea that such a warning was issued. No cop stood and waved everyone sideways. No big red stop sign. No, it was simply a set up, in order to then pin blame on the movement for violating a law which clearly should have in any case just been suspended for 15 minutes to let the crowd pass.

sorry, i do know exactly what feudalism is. You trying to talk about its main features and then say that other features of feudalism are not the feudalism is silly. The dominant or single most relevant point is land ownership, certainly, but there are other features of feudalism, one of which is most certainly taxes, and to the point, by definition taxation as such begins in feudal systems. It is remarkably futile and silly to argue with me. It would be wiser to stop and take your opportunity to chat with the DJIN. capitalism is ALSO a system which has NEVER existed.

the core issues; 1. Corporate Personhood. 2. Caste Warfare; they started it. 3. Its legal to lie to the USA public. 4. They are OUR airwaves. They should be used for WETHEPEOPLE not leased by the government to corporations. Put Local colleges in charge of all the media. Arrest and seize all mass media devices and then give those devices straight out to the local colleges, including the land they sit on. We need education public media; not legalized lying and propaganda wars against the people. 5. Education reform. Everyones being kept stupid and ignorant on purpose in school and repugnicons want to argue about how to pay or punish teachers. We need child centered education reform, not a con scam to privatize education and thus score all our children for corporate zombotification. 6. Free market system. Not slave market system. Not caste market system. Not Caste warfare market system. Not rigged Casino. Not making something off of nothing and making bubbles to grease a gravy train either. Free market system. We must have one of those. Its time to have one of those. We have NEVER YET had one of those. 7. Realistic regulation of the government to regulate and control corporations so that what they do is fair and just and ethical and under control instead of a parade of unleashed godzillas turning the masses into to toe jam. 8. Real and direct representation, including no more lobbying, and including an evolutionary use of the internet with organized forums and wikis replacing the old style of congressional/ mayoral office.

"Right, but that still doesn't preclude taxation, which is in fact necessary to regulate the value of money"

nope. taxation period of any kind is merely and only a means to the end of creating a caste system. And even deeper, taxation dynamically entropizes a system, so its not only not necessary to regulate money, its the single largest entropic contributor to the system. The ONLY reason why we pay taxes is thats the feudal system; the idea that we pay anything remotely approaching the same thing or fair to what the rich pay is preposterous. The whole point of taxes is to distribute wealth from the poor to the rich. period.

gawdoftruth (Santa Barbara, CA) 1 points 0 seconds ago

"the end goal product should be that every small community takes care of its own. Any federal system is a problem definition of something requiring more serious attention to solve. long term social programs managed by nation sized meta entities is a disaster not only socially and civilly but to the people who get third rate borg social services. A well functioning system does not need a welfare system, it only has a highly evolved net which catches people and only involves less than one percent of the population at any given time, not punishing but rehabing and educating folks. Until such time as that end goal is achieved, no hand outs is a paradox... you have to spend time and thus money in order to fix the problems till their fixed past needing time or money."

[-] 1 points by skizzy (445) 12 years ago

go to the closest spot take people with you lead http://www.occupytogether.org/events/midwest/wisconsin/occupy-madison/

[-] 1 points by marsdefIAnCe (365) 12 years ago

The elephant in the room is the Federal Reserve. Our founding fathers warned us about a central bank.

The catalyst is the realization that Obama is third generation CIA and his job as a covert agent was to play Osama bin Laden. See Wayne Madsen interviewed by Pastor Manning on youtube.

[-] 1 points by MakeItCount (3) 12 years ago

Totally agree