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Forum Post: Assault Weapons and Extended Clips Dropped But Armed Guards And Training Will Be In Bill

Posted 5 years ago on March 21, 2013, 12:53 a.m. EST by itsmyblood (10)
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Oh, yeah the NRA just fucked us in the ass. The assault weapons and the extended clips have been dropped from the bill but guess what is still in the bill and actually now the major feature? That is right fuckers. There will be armed staff and guards in our schools. That is progress? This is a democracy?

NRA Wins Again? Assault Weapons Ban DROPPED http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXkZ6QYT9WM




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[-] 3 points by bensdad (8977) 5 years ago

The solution starts with eliminating the ability of non-citizens such as the nra to donate to pols.& limit free speech for non-humans.
Should a tobacco co be able to say smoking cures cancer.
Should a gun company be able to say owing more guns makes you more safe.

I believe the ban will be voted on SEPARATELY
It will not pass but it will re-inforce our knowledge about who is pro-nra and anti-99%

[-] 3 points by GirlFriday (17435) 5 years ago

We knew that already.



[-] 1 points by bensdad (8977) 5 years ago

You can make a difference! Call & email & write Sen Max Baucus

How many nra gun nuts have called him with “NO NO NO NO” ?

Tell him that you insist that he vote for an assault weapons ban Tell him that you insist that he vote for a ban on large magazine clips

SENATOR MAX BAUCAUS You MUST say you are from Montana

406 586 6104 Bozeman 406-449-5480 Helena 202-224-2651 DC Office 202-224-3121 Main Senate TN


Sen. Max Baucus 511 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510

[-] -1 points by Theeighthpieceuv8 (-32) from Seven Sisters, Wales 5 years ago

Well it's nice to see Dem government come to its senses.

[-] 3 points by itsmyblood (10) 5 years ago

It has been bought and paid for by the gun lobby what are you fucking stupid or something?

[-] 0 points by justiceforzim (-17) 5 years ago

Oh, is the gun lobby's money better than Bloomberg and Soros'?

[-] -1 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 5 years ago

If you weren't so shielded in your surburbia heaven, you would realize there has been armed guards in inner city schools for decades.

But now its in suburbia so its totally uncalled for.

I wish I was shocked at this lack of knowledge on things like this.

Meanwhile, the root causes of what makes the people in this nation so fucked up in the head in general is STILL not being addressed.


[-] 0 points by itsmyblood (10) 5 years ago

You are being retarded. Apples and oranges.

[-] 0 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 5 years ago

Well....thats an interesting take. CAre to expand?

[-] 2 points by itsmyblood (10) 5 years ago

Lets see. Pointing to police officers in urban high crime/gang environment schools where gangs endanger the staff and students and saying that is the same as having school staff trained in weapons and having private armed security nationwide roaming school halls is apples and oranges.

[-] 0 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 5 years ago

Um, so you dont care about it in poor neighborhoods, even when there hasnt been any shootings at most of the schools, but you have a problem with a security guard at white schools?

Society in general is crumpling, and until you all start to discuss why that is happening, why is everyone on pills, why are families falling apart all over the place, why is there poison in all the food, why are we bombing people and killing all over the world and no one cares, etc, etc, etc,

They have us all chasing our tails.

[-] 0 points by itsmyblood (10) 5 years ago

Your argument has more logical fallacies than an hour of rush limbaugh.

[-] 1 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 5 years ago

So you think its fine for the poor but if it comes to suburbia, then its a crisis? Coming from upstate ny your perspective should be a bit more balanced than that.

Over 50% of the country is on drugs. Over 50% of the country is divorced Over 50% of the country is eating food with harmful chemicals in it. Over 50% of the country cant name the countries we have bombed in the last 5 years.

And all the trends I just listed are increasing, not decreasing.

Those arent false. They are truths. Truths that must be addressed if society is going to save itself.

[-] -1 points by justiceforzim (-17) 5 years ago

Glad to see my NRA,GOA, and SAF donations are paying off!

[-] 1 points by itsmyblood (10) 5 years ago

Subverting the will of the people does cost a lot of money fascist fuck.

[-] 0 points by Narley (272) 5 years ago

No one subverted anything. The politicians realized banning AR15's and reducing magazine capicity wouldn't accomplish anything. Just common sense.

This is one of the few time Washington followed the will of the people. Get over it.

[-] 1 points by inclusionman (7064) 5 years ago

Vast majority of people support banning assault weapons.

[-] 0 points by Narley (272) 5 years ago

I don’t believe it. I think it more likely the majority of law abiding adults would like to own a AR-15. Not trying to be sarcastic, that’s actually true. Gun owners are the majority.

[-] 1 points by itsmyblood (10) 5 years ago

no, they are not gun ownership as a percentage of the population is at all time lows. where do you gun nutters get your facts and figures from, oh i know your ass. the number of households with guns is well under 50%.

[-] 1 points by Narley (272) 5 years ago

There is an extimated 80 million gun owners in the US. Some estimates pou it at near 100 million. To hate us all will take a lot of hate.

[-] 2 points by itsmyblood (10) 5 years ago

there are only 4 million in the nra though.

[-] -1 points by Narley (272) 5 years ago

Correct. I'm not a NRA member. But I probably should join since I believe law abiding citizens should be able to own guns; even AR-15's.

[+] -4 points by justiceforzim (-17) 5 years ago

Really? Have you yourself conducted a poll?

[-] -1 points by justiceforzim (-17) 5 years ago

Yeah, right. Dailykos. The leftwing media is constantly telling us what 'everyone' thinks. I really do not understand why supporting the Constitution has become a left/right issue. I also do not understand why OWS ... or at least this website has been co opted by the left wing elitists.

[-] 0 points by inclusionman (7064) 5 years ago

90% of the country supports reasonable gun safety laws.



Only extremist fearmongers spew the non sense that gun reform isn't constitutional or amount to "gun grabbing"

[-] 1 points by justiceforzim (-17) 5 years ago

Only extremist fearmongers think personal defense weapons and 30 rnd mags need to be banned.

[-] 0 points by inclusionman (7064) 5 years ago


Support your fellow occupy movement.

We need each other.

[+] -4 points by Stormcrow1 (-25) 5 years ago

It's apparent that the people have spoken and the NRA may have been part of it. If that wasn't the case how could 4 million members of the NRA get the attention of our representatives..

You may not want to believe this but there are more then 4 million pro-gun owners in this country - there are many, many more then you would ever believe and fail to understand why.

[-] 2 points by inclusionman (7064) 5 years ago

Most of the 4 million NRA members support anning assault weapons, & imposing background checks.

The NRA & gun manuf. spread lies & propaganda to scare people into opposing reasonable gun safety measures because the NRA & gun manuf care for profits over people.

We must support occupy the NRA in their efforts to encourage divestment from the gun manuf.


Please join us by pressuring colleges, state pensions, unions, and any other investments in these death corps.

[-] -3 points by Stormcrow1 (-25) 5 years ago

Speaking of gun manfacturers I heard recently that around 150 or so manufacturers will not sell their products to any state authority that is anti-2nd ammendment.

So there must be a lot of pressure to keep local/state/federal reps from doing anything drastic -

I wouold think a national background check might be put into law but I doubt it will do much to minimize the violence in this country.

[-] 0 points by inclusionman (7064) 5 years ago

Does that make you happy?

[-] -1 points by Stormcrow1 (-25) 5 years ago

Where in my comment did I indicate that I was happy about what manufacturers are doing?

How about paying attention to what is written instead of basing your comments on your emotions.

[-] 1 points by inclusionman (7064) 5 years ago

No where. That's why I asked if it makes you happy. Do you pay attention to punctuation? Or do you base your comments on YOUR emotions?

[-] 1 points by Stormcrow1 (-25) 5 years ago

Where in my comment did I indicate that "it makes me happy"? I made a statement that I heard and posted it - you responded by asking if it made me happy.

Tell me where in my comment did I say that I was happy with what I had posted?

[-] 1 points by inclusionman (7064) 5 years ago

I already said no where.

Pay attention.

Are you gonna answer my question?

Does all the continued death please you, now that we have lost the important valuable assault weapons an, limit clip, and have pushed the "no dealer inventory amendment"?

[-] 0 points by Stormcrow1 (-25) 5 years ago

What doesn't please me is the issue that the vast majority of mass shootings were done by people who had mental issues.

In addition to that drug use is another issue that causes massive deaths.

And finally we have a society where 50% of the youth in this country is being raised in a single household. As a result no family values are being taught but instead it is being turned over to our schools to raise children.

Lets focus on where the real problem is - violence and little or no concern about life -

So you want to talk about people dying -

[-] 1 points by inclusionman (7064) 5 years ago

I rather talk about the criminal gun trafficers who seel guns to known criminals in cities.

THAT is the biggest problem. How come NONE of them ever go to jail.?

better mental healthcare can help, more family support by having 2 parents can help, ut stopping the illegal sale of guns would do the most to stop gun violence.

[-] 0 points by Stormcrow1 (-25) 5 years ago

They don't go to jail because the Federal Government doesn't prosecute them. There are already Federal laws on the books dealing with gun trafficing, illegal gun ownership by adolescents and gun ownership by mentally challenged people.

So if the existing laws aren't enforced what makes you think that more laws of the same will be enforced?

The problems all start at home -

[-] 1 points by inclusionman (7064) 5 years ago

The actions of the gun sellers to criminals is not illegal. How can we prosecute them if it ain't against the law?

We need to make new laws so we can enforce them.

Which laws are you suggesting are NOT enforced? Sounds like more dishonest talking points.

[+] -4 points by justiceforzim (-17) 5 years ago

Actually, most of the gun shops are refusing to sell anything to the local leos that is deemed illegal for the general public. I think that is a great idea. If John Q cannot have a 15 rnd mag neither should any one else. I could accept gun laws that treated everyone equally. You know, "balanced and fair" as our Peace Prize Prez would say.

[+] -5 points by justiceforzim (-17) 5 years ago

You got a link for those nra polls? Be curious, since I filled one out for them. I love how 'everyone knows' that gun owners don';t believe in the 2nd ammendment. Just like whatever ridiculously overblown percentage of guns being purchased sans background checks. I don;t understand how gun grabbers have been allowed to control the conversation with such mislieading terms as "assault weapon": and "gunshow loophole". Both are misleading lies.

[-] 3 points by inclusionman (7064) 5 years ago

The only people misled are those succumbing to the fear mongering from the NRA, gun Manuf, & their Repub politician puppets designed to generate more gun sales.

No one is grabbing your guns!!!

People over profits!!!

[-] 0 points by justiceforzim (-17) 5 years ago

Seems to me you have succumbed to the fear mongering of Bloomberg , Feinstein and the Peace Prize Prez. 99.9% of the personal defense weapons in the homes of americans across this country pose no threat to anyone. Get over it and the nra. I am a proud member and have been sending them money every month since Newtown....Gun Owners of America and the Second Ammendment Foundation, too.

[-] 2 points by inclusionman (7064) 5 years ago

Bully for you. I want changes that will finally get to the criminals who sell gunsto criminals and also force dealers to keep track of their guns.

Nothing unconstitutional, just better inventory/tracking, and jailing gun trafficking criminals.

[-] 1 points by justiceforzim (-17) 5 years ago

Dealer DO keep track if their guns! See, you are proof of the misinformation being spouted by the liberal media. When you buy a gun at a store or dealer at a gunshow a background check is run. You fill out a form 4703 with a bunch of questions about your criminal and mental condition and drug/alcohol use. This form must be kept forever by the dealer (FFL...federal firearms license holder). When he goes out of business he must hand his forms over to the BATFE. When the cops recover a gun used in a crime, they contact the mfg with the serial number who then tells them the retailer it was shipped to who then tellls them who HE sold it to, based on that permanent file of 4703s. FFL's cannot sell guns to criminals unless these criminals somehow pass a background check. None of the laws being proposed would have done shit to stop Aurora, Newtown, or even Gabby. None of these perps even had a mental record, if you will. I oppose new, inefective, feel good laws being passed. We need to first define the purpose of any new law to properly write one. Are we worried about crazy white boys who like to shoot a bunch of people corralled in a gun free zone, or do we want to do something about the majority of gun violence.....gun crime in the large metro areas of this country. Frankly, federal laws are the worst approach. Gun laws should be written at the local level. Boise doesn't need the same laws as Chicago or Philly.

[-] 0 points by inclusionman (7064) 5 years ago

Leaving the laws to localities results in the existing swiss cheese situation that allows thereal problem to continue.

The states where manufacturers are and laws are lax dishonest people traffic guns to the large metro areas illegally.

40% of guns are sold without background checks.

We must stop the illegal gun trafficking! The straw purchases, the pipeline of unaccounted for guns directly to criminals in the cities.

Corrupt politicians just added an amendment stating "no law should be passed to force dealers to take an inventory.

What is that about? That is just irresponsible.