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Forum Post: Ashamed To Be A human Being

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 18, 2011, 10:54 a.m. EST by iamalsoows (86)
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"The blogosphere is boiling at the cruel beating of a female protester by Egyptian military police, who continued battling protesters in Tahrir Square on Sunday. The clashes, into their third day now, have left 10 people dead and hundreds injured."


Ugly brain-dead beasts beating a woman because they have small dicks and no imagination like hooligans.

Goodbye humans and farewell to your idiocy believing one second things will change. Doomed. Read the Bible and you know where it is all going because the elite does and the cabal is made many years ago and that cabal they follow.

The Occupy movement is useless unless you bring in heavy guns. You want to be nice? Forget about it. You lost even before you began.

This, I promise you, will come to USA and Europe also. If you tell me no we will not see this and we are smarter well think again. You will never wake up because humans are like that. Only respect is guns and the bigger the better. The police, army and governments knows this.



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