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Forum Post: Artsy-Fartsy Twits and old Black Spots, or in other words, what's the point?

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 5, 2011, 11:24 p.m. EST by anonymous ()
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Posted this on a niche location here. I realized the error in my way, so I remixed and remastered this for the main Forum.

The "one demand" is still not clear - is this some kind of trendy bored twentysomething thing or a sincere effort to change the course of our culture. And what is it about Obama that everyone dislikes? He's just a politician, and no better than any other, from Stalin to Lincoln. They are only doing what we let them do, and as any unchecked capitalist would.

Furthermore, while Wall Street houses many greedy pigs and friends-of-the-devils, it also does keep most of this house of cards of a currency going. There's no "green" if there's no Green - and remember, it's only really worth the paper it's printed on...

Look at the Euro and all that growing storm (remember, little kiddies, what happens when Germany gets paranoid - we called it World War One and then as an added bonus,they gave us World War Two... Now if I was Fuhrer, we wouldn't have these problems, but sadly, I am not.) Wall Street will be trivial if Europe falls, again.

So is anyone there willing to admit this is just a ploy to sell an artsy-fartsy overpriced magazine (and yes I did subscribe once) and maybe to show off a bunch of tweets for the Twits?

Come AB, use your talents and vague "blackspot" cred (now that was a good idea) and expose the specific fraudsters, make blatant and obvious the friendly brands and their corporations who are directly influencing this mess with paid lobbyists, board-member politicians and gen-u-wine fraud and corruption. Shame the bastards into exposing themselves, taking down lesser-known partners in crime with them. Partner with your competition, get Mother Jones. the Progressive, call the Utnes, and maybe even offer Jann Wenner an exclusive...

What is truly needed is a full-scale effort. Remember this isn't Egypt or Tripoli; there's many different opinions and many different ideas for solutions here, and more vague ideas and "FlashMob" type gimmicks won't make a difference.

A logical plan of action is the only way to make a change. One with a consensus, a goal, and a "plan B". "Camping out" on Wall street may not even rate top spot on the ABC Nightly News, but "Dancing With the Stars" does.

Me, well by golly, after putting on my tinfoil helmet, I figured out something good fun and it's even ohso chic and trendy:

AB, skip next month's issue issue of the mag, and take 100% of the cost to produce and distribute it, and ask your advertisers to contribute as normal. Then, use that lucre get many, many thousands of fresh one dollar bills (singles, in packs of a hundred, numbered sequentially...).

Fly a 1/4 scale R/C 767 around the new WTC, and just after you see the DHS's 1/4 scale F-16's screaming in, push a button and open the hidden bomb bay! Imagine the fluttering thousands and the mass hysteria that would cause. Include in there, too, some pre-printed leaflets, chock full of good rumors and other potential avenues to instigate real attention deserving issues, as well as keen and swell instructions on productive subversive activities, too (approved by Legal, of course...).

Hey, boys and girls, Stanley thinks this stunt may may even preempt Oprah with a Channel 13 Special Report. But then again,

Well, Whatever, Nevermind...



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[-] 0 points by anonymous () 12 years ago

Oh yea, I forgot... But anyway, there's benefactors in there somewhere...

[-] 0 points by anonymous () 12 years ago

adbusters has no advertisers. it is an ad-free magazine.

[-] 0 points by anonymous () 12 years ago

People are not nearly angry enough to make a real difference; we're trained sheeple and we'll take it. We're dependent upon the media that is generated by the 1% who ensure the 1% are elected with the 1% money. I don't think Americans have it in them to REALLY protest because it hasn't become outrageous enough. Perhaps when we're B- credit rating will Americans become enraged enough to act with meaning. We're trained too much by our own media and controlled by the same (all owned by the 1%). Effectively, we're already serfs overpaying wall street who produces nothing and CEO's who don't put in the hours we do. Ultimately we're all supporting this system by decades of inaction. Even this movement is becoming diluted with the 1% subverting attempts to organize and demonstrate effectively. My guess-no news shows up because of who owns "the news" and it fizzles out in our immediate gratification culture.