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Forum Post: Aristo Pleasures

Posted 3 years ago on June 21, 2019, 9:15 a.m. EST by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX
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Our wonderful "free market capitalist" economy is booming ... for less than half of us. Aristo pleasures abound but the service employees who provide them can't afford to enjoy them. Growing up I was constantly told, "we can't afford that!" ... about everything from the toy all my classmates had to a college education. It stings. I can personally attest that resentment grows.

"While most hourly theme park workers can’t afford to buy tickets and food for a family of four for a day at a theme park, the average visitor has the disposable income. The average annual household income for guests at theme parks was $86,000, according to the study. That’s twice the $43,000 that residents in Greater Orlando bring home and way above the $55,775 median annual household income nationwide, according to the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau."




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[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX 3 years ago

Tax the Wall St Oligarchs who enslave all of us with debt to fuel their 100s of years old pyramid scam. Confiscate their ill gotten gains. Use it to rebuild our communities and/or divide the money and property among us all, black, white, red, yellow. Our communities must begin to serve the majority of the population, the workers and the poor. That won't happen until the rentier tyrants are eliminated.

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23590) 3 years ago

Investors’ demand for dividends will push us to disaster


"In its warning, the OECD said in the next three years companies were due to refinance $4tn worth of corporate bonds – a sum “close to the total balance sheet of the US Federal Reserve”.

Companies that have over-borrowed and live in fear of their shareholders need one thing: cheap interest rates.

Last week, stock markets in the UK, Europe and the US rose in response to signals from the Bank of England, the European Central Bank and the US Fed that interest rates would stay lower for longer.

Most importantly, the Fed is expected to cut rates this year – effectively reversing its policy, followed since 2015, of tightening monetary policy in the belief that corporations had refashioned themselves to be more resilient.

In veiled language, the Fed will blame Donald Trump’s trade wars, Brexit and slowing Chinese manufacturing output. But the real culprit is that voracious animal with the unlimited appetite – the shareholder."

[-] 2 points by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX 3 years ago

Ex Nihil Nihilo Fit

The stock market and all of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate have always made something out of nothing. Their profit defies the laws of thermodynamics and conservation of matter and energy. And they accumulate it at the exponentially increasing rate of compound interest. It must and it will destroy itself in the end just as Marx predicted over 150 years ago.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

The fruit of the Tree of Evil is credit (hot-air made real); perhaps a European Jewish invention because Jews had assumed the stewardship of many wealthy and powerful families' finances and invented fractional-reserve banking.

European countries used it for defending themselves against other European countries by paying for mercenaries with credit. Europe was always at war for at least millennia. In more recent centuries, this credit enabled the creation of super-companies such as the British East India Company which had invaded and de facto enslaved non-European countries. Its business of selling opium and their kleptocratic sway on the British Government became the original cause for China's Century of Humiliations. Current U.S.-Iran crisis stemmed from the ways and aftermath of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, a forebearer of BP. Jews always had a hand in the muck, it seems. I used to wonder why Jews being such a small ethnic population could incur so much enmity of so many peoples all over the world for such a long time. Essentially, they take by fake in the names of their overlords and let others squabble and kill each other in the aftermath.

Red China has adopted the way of the Jews in recent times but instead of the corporations steering the state to induce international strifes for profits, it's the other way around with Red China steering the Chinese-Communist-Party-armed-wing-[PLA-]-owned corporations to induce international strifes for national dominance. Control is in a different direction but it will lead to the same destination -- Erythrosinocaust will simply replace Holocaust.

Note that I have only said Red China because there are remnants of Chinese culture in many places worldwide which still have the very respectable millennia-old culture of China (e.g., I respect the Chinese who risked their own lives under the noses of the brutal Japanese Occupiers in order to feed the Jewish children {under a more western idea that the "crimes," if any, of the parents, don't accrue to their children, or parents, unlike the extremely retarded countries such as the DPRK} stowed away to Shanghai, then an international "rape"-induced freeport allowing no-passport-required entry, who were de facto expunged from Europe by the Nazis who allied with Japan.) The Cultural Revolution unleashed by Mao Zedong erased much Chinese culture on the Chinese mainland. Then the headlong dive into rapid fascist-capitalization without the western restraint of laws, well-developed independent judicial system, and pluralistic democratic political system just made the uncultured people there (Chinese mainland lost an entire generation to the Cultural Revolution; more properly called cultural evisceration) coarse in character with their get-rich-quick pell-mell drive for money. State-glorified theft is disrespectable everywhere except in those states practicing Fascist statism on their population placed inside of a "Great-Wall" drum such as Red China. If having money alone were respectable, the Jews would have achieved that centuries ago but obviously not, as evidenced in the great slaughters of the twentieth century.

I guess if the Sarah-Palin pitbull with his Transgender-lipstick on and Vladimir Pootin smear hog manure (Chinese nonkosher "ash") all over themselves, they may scent-camouflage themselves well enough to stand a chance of getting close to killing that boar in the muck.

My Big Brother set a great example with his baptism in a feeding trove of hoggyswasch before arriving at the festival. He didn't get gored by the pigs. A pig-feeding trove is more elder than a bidét, I suppose. "God works in mysterious ways." Hahaha!

It's amazing that God has found me a safer country than Afghanistan to be its Secretary of the Navy and Space Force -- Neurotrumpanzia! I dreamt about Mold-over's gourmet wines and chocolates and then, poof! God is omniscient. I understand.

Neurotrumpanzia reminded me of a place near a border I used to live in. The good thing was that it was close to and connected to different cultures so schizophrenic thinking skills were absolutely required for retaining some sanity. The bad thing was that people actually believed that I was somewhat autistic (yeah, sometimes silence about "the lynchpin" is golden.) To that charge, I say that some very intelligent marine mammals such as dolphins know how to sleep with one hemisphere of their brains at a time. The mutual shaming of the two cultures and their coming to terms with each other regarding the fucking-produced "bastards" in-between, catapulted me out of the dire circumstances. I am therefore somewhat positive about the communications between antagonistic but responsible parties (psychopaths can be very irresponsible) as long as they both aim to solve the same problem together.

I am very supportive of all of the various economic sanctions imposed by all enlightened nations of the world in pursuit of the realization of the glorious thoughts, discovery, and now constitutional policy of our enlightened leader who is even now reaching out from beyond the gates of death to guide the entire world with the policy of 주체. Glory, glory, glory eternal to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea where only the Imperial Japanese Sun set, not Kims' Il-Sun. I am so happy that Trumpanzia understands so well the needs of the DPRK to be independent, strong, and isolated from cultural contagion. The Boom-Boom Baby who uttered "Bam! Wham! Thank you, Ma'am," can slap his brand on Hotel Doom and it will become the most fashionable Hotel Boom! Better than a Moslem-Cow Tower for certain... Of course, serving up auto-warm-beer is inadvisable, as rights are not against the state but for the state because they form the solid foundation for a great country. The U.S. started with the Bill of Rights which was in some sense at least a descendant of the Magna Carta created by the Brits (in order to avoid the power-succession chaos should the noblemen choose to chop the head off of their king instead of having him sign the Magna Carta.)

The road to glory in Pyongyang winds through Peking. To blaze the path, ignite the glorious bonfire of Erythrosinocaust! Mein Kampf? Nein. Unser Kampf? Ja. Today Airyana Vaejah. Tomorrow the World.

It will be extremely ugly should U.S. not uphold the Freedom of Navigation anymore. Everyone should look to the brown-water navy of Red China to protect their shipments of oil from the Arabian-Sea area. Red China has already put a military base close to the U.S. base there in Djibouti in the Red Sea and in fact tried to cause U.S. military airplane clashes with lasers. The U.S. should have laser-guided munitions ready for the times when the laser harassers light up as targets around that area.

Dress well, rush, rush, rush, to Russia (its emblematic double-headed eagle can survive a chop for bushmeat better than a vulture can,) and God will save us all. Both my Big Brother and I were doing this when God chose to baptize us, him trying not to miss the beginning ceremony of the festival, and I trying not to embezzle from God by leaving any of my liquid-gold donation on my own trousers before getting to ¿Uro- or Ural-?Russia (look at so much golden color around and those crystal lightings! hmm, but where are the two Adam's Choice white porcelain bowls?) God can see well-dressed and running kids and guide them. If their purpose is clean and their heart pure, He is well-pleased and prone to adopt them as His very own. I ran often and fell sometimes in my neighborhood criss-crossed by open drainage ditches but I had never been baptized there (not dressed well enough as I did for a wedding banquet) so God required a proper setting for baptism.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX 3 years ago

You're free to exploit your fellow community members too. When we're all capitalists living off our investments no one will have to work or be poor! Hooray for brave new Trumpzania!