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Forum Post: Are you for or against - West Coast Port Shut Down

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 29, 2011, 1:49 p.m. EST by Fishp00 (122)
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Occupy Oakland encouraged the other West Coast Occupy movements (LA, Portland, San Diego, etc.) to participate in a total port closure on December 12th, which is now confirmed as a plan that will unfold.

Occupy LA will target ports tied to Goldman Sachs, which is completely appropriate considering their role in our current financial crisis (please please google Goldman Sachs + financial crisis if this is new info to you).

Occupy Oakland states issues with a company called EGT, which is accused of union busting Longshore workers in Washington. California is currently being driven in debt in a large part by unions that have waaaay too much control (Fire and police unions the worst). I worry that OWS will be labeled blindly as pro-unions even though each and every union is different. Some are good and some are bad. Within the Occupy Oakland movement people are saying they needed to align themselves with unions for numbers and display their power.

So I ask you are these good reasons to call for a total west cost port shut down? Is it just terrorism as some are calling it? Do their reasons securely lead back to the Occupy Wallstreet issue of politicians + corporations brought our economy to a halt, took homes/jobs from citizens, covet an unreasonable amount of wealth for the very few, etc.?

I want to hear from people as I wrestle with this issue since I live in Oakland and I'm honestly uncertain about this west coast port closure (with exception 4 LA) so I've staved off having a firm decision against the matter.

Are you for or against the port closure? and why?




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