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Forum Post: Are we playing into their hands?

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 30, 2011, 2:15 p.m. EST by Antarctica (2)
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I have watched all of this from afar, and the Occupy movement has reached even these small shores on the other side of the planet, which is a testament to the power of the web. Let me preface my questions with some assumptions that I feel are true, based on personal experience:

Those that control the populations of the world are infinitely smarter, well connected, better resourced and have more control/influence across the systems of Planet Earth than your average human being.

They have perfected effective control of the masses through the illusion of freedom, the supposed will of a higher power and constant reinforcement of fear.

Further they had managed to dumb down the greater portion of the population through restricting access to education, creating financial barriers to learning and instilling a system that ensures those that can afford it will end up with the same thought processes that ensure the functioning of the system.

Based on that assumption my question/ thoughts are these:

Are we not playing into their hands for some supreme motive that we are yet to be made aware of/become conscious of?

Given the mechanisms of control have been ensconced over a few thousand years, and those ruling families have had ample time perfecting their skill set, could our well meaning yet decentralized system of operation be the perfect mechanism to install yet further controls across our population?

Could a lot of the movements out there that promise a virtual age of enlightenment and freedom, simply be a precursor to allow us to relax our defenses so that something so evil could be installed by our own demands?

I believe the answer to these questions may be yes, but I would like your feedback and thoughts. Personally this is what I believe is happening in the world at the moment, you might think differently and I respect that.

So my two cents are:

Around the world we see revolutions taking place, funnily enough being funded/backed by the US government who is in favor of regime change. This is happening at the behest of corporations who have a financial interest in ensuring oil supply, seeing their currency investments stabilized and in getting other countries further into debt.

The collapse of certain countries in the Euro zone was a deliberate act to ensure that everyone kept using US currency for purchases of Oil, there were too many asking to do trades in the Euro as it was seen as more stable, then bang US debts we called in and instant currency destabilization.

What is surprising was that riots and protests were planned for before 2008, with the installation of foundation laws around the world that would for the first time ensure that domestic citizens of countries could be targeted as if they were foreign aggressors. I have a few examples locally of friends and families receiving letters a few years back, instructing them how to protect government infrastructure on their land accompanied by a check (cheque), with the title "In the event of civil unrest". This to me speaks volumes about this all being a planned event, perhaps a necessary event but to what end?

In my mind the end result is a one world government, a one world electronic currency and the borders of countries dissolved. For this to occur I understand that you require the following to happen.

  1. Countries are unable to service their debts and no one is able to pay.

  2. Corruption across all levels of government all throughout the world.

  3. Riots, violence, war and famine, natural disasters etc etc

The list does go on, but in essence it plays into the theory of distract, distort, fragment and force people into a corner then appear to offer a final solution.

Would a one world government be so bad? One only has to understand the implications of the systems of complete control that this would place across the people of this world.

Free speech would rapidly disappear when one could simple remove a persons ability to travel, buy or sell, communicate, get medical help or anything under the spectrum of what we perceive as our current freedoms, with a simple push of a button.

Thanks for reading and I would value your thoughts on the subject.



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[-] 2 points by hidden (430) from Los Angeles, CA 12 years ago

I think this new world order scary story was invented specifically to scare us from removing these stupid boundaries that separate us and play us against each other, fight each other and trick us by shifting capital from one country to another. Of cause, one person or even a group of people in control of the whole world is a scary outcome, but if we organize the system collectively into a direct democracy it's a whole new story. The corruption wouldn't be possible by it's definition, as the system would represent exactly what people want it to represent.

[-] 1 points by Antarctica (2) 12 years ago

Thanks for your comments, Hidden and NewEnglandPatriot, you raise some interesting points, specifically: The new world order being a scary story to scare us from removing boundaries and make us fight against each other, I am paraphrasing of course. I believe this is indeed part of the mechanism to divide and conquer, humanity is separated by a myriad of perceived differences, trouble is how can we make everyone see that not only do we bleed the same color, we are all equal? Short of a alien invasion, we need a defined enemy that can unite the population of the planet, and therein lies the problem we don't know, can't see those that pull the strings,if we could that would be a start toward unification.

I really like the analogy of a 3D chess game, however I feel that the game we see, the hands that are shown and the true reality are completely different things, again raising the question to what end?

What is the end game? So you have complete control of the planet, the people, it's resources, you are only bound by this for as long as you draw breath, in other words you can't take it with you. So that hints at the altruistic nature of the problem at hand, being that sometime of higher calling or loyalty is deeply at play here.

Democracy in itself is an interesting conundrum, As Churchill put it "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch", and I still feel this is appropriate given the illusion of choice that we have at present.

I feel that we have more rights and power as consumers than we have as citizens of any country. If you note how quickly corporate response is when income is threatened, the speed at which concession is given is astonishing.

Conversely Governments are slow to respond, and given the great deal of influence that sees them in power (or perceived power, one must remember the 38 levels of security clearance above the US President), they are relative glaciers when it comes to change.

So given that the US has never been a true democracy but rather a plutocracy, what would real democracy look like sans the influence of the corporate dollar, and direct influence on the people? Marketing has surely taken a great toll on the ability of a lot of people to think critically, most naively think the governments of the world are there to help them, when in reality they are in it for themselves.

So what then of a true and meaningful change without the influence? Is it possible, and if so how?

[-] 1 points by NewEnglandPatriot (916) from Dartmouth, MA 12 years ago

I have given this some thought myself, it is a 3D "chess game" Problem/Reaction=solution, based on this movement they will show their hand.

Examples include SOPA, NDAA and the way the police are treating protesters..

The riots will increase, and get violent esp when the big bank holiday is declared.

This will follow by "solution" which will be "economic" martial law, austerity measures...

The 4th Reich is rising....It is sad...

They are accelerating their agenda, and in the next year you will really see some tough times, including de-valuation of American currency by approx 40%, hyperinflation, our money will be worth the paper its printed on, perhaps less - blank paper will have more value for use as well as toilet paper...

Look at history,

Hitler burned the Reichstag.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichstag_fire - events followed were excuses for extermination and conquer.

The same thing happened on 9/11, and events that followed. 9/11 has been excuse to declare war on non tangible enemy "TERRORISM" which is similar to HITLER with JEWS and EUROPE, COMMUNISM, etc, all things not aligned with the agenda.

Our government has been hijacked. We recruited most Germans after WW2 , they infiltrated the government/agencies (FDA, NASA,) a long time ago.