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Forum Post: **"Are We Living In a Big Ole Company Town?" - I reckon so."**

Posted 5 years ago on Oct. 4, 2012, 11:04 p.m. EST by frovikleka (2563) from Island Heights, NJ
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This was the summation from Chris Hedges column which was on the Truthdig web site, and was entitled, The Battle of Blair Mountain.

All the gains paid for with the lives of working men and women, have now been reversed. We are back where we started. We must organize, resist and build movements. We must embrace radical politics, and remain perpetually alienated from power or become a subjugated herd. I do not call for an emulation of this violence. But I do call for direct and sustained confrontation with all formal mechanisms of power including the Democratic Party. The corporate state, for its part should also remember the lesson from Blair Mountain. There are limits to how far people can be pushed. And if violence continues to be the preferred mechanism of control, if the state refuses to institute national economic and political reforms to address the growing misery that corporations inflict, it will, as at Blair Mountain, engender a violent response.




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