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Forum Post: Are Maturoblancostans Needed?

Posted 3 years ago on June 24, 2020, 11:39 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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Shouldn't we be instituting Affirmative Action Programs for the True Whites by kicking out the Fake Whites&Blacks ( Al Qaesians of the Arabian Peninsula ) first?

Since the elderly White folk are getting smashed, we need to protect them so we should create endangered minority reservations for the elderly White folk and call them Maturoblancostans. It seems that New York State has already made a great head-start towards realizing this vision.



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[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

The Nazi innovation KdF, Kraft durch Freude, can provide joyful activities in our Maturoblancostans--Hongkongers may need this, too, to decompress.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

All lives matter so elderly White lives matter. Is Maturoblancostan an idea whose time has come? Florida has already attracted many elderly Whites so we should probably build our first Maturoblancostan there to protect them.

We should consult Brothel owners as sex for the elderly Whites will probably be necessary for revitalizing them to health and happiness. The elderly Whites are also the wealthiest demographic cohort so paying for sex shouldn't be too much of a financial burden. We need the personal insights of our Führer who belongs to this cohort.

Why doesn't our Führer have a government-funded harem? Other leaders have them alright. Are the concubines afraid of catching the King Flu from the heavy breathing ¿indoors? In Florida, the climate is warm enough that I have much doubt that it's always done indoors.

As usual, I did a bit of research into the new Floridian. I was disappointed that Californica, not Florida was the site of action. He used Old Spice, the same choice as my Dad did ( who had rather good taste in general--I didn't like his ¿British? ¿military? fixations about my hair being well-oiled-shiny and neatly combed { yay! Boris Johnson, Liberator of harry/coiffure oppression--way to go ! }, my shoes being shiny enough to see reflections, and my not putting on my dress pants/trousers before my putting on my socks to avoid the creases on the trousers being bent and/or folded from my sitting down, but I still brought him along to help me make my first and hitherto the costliest clothing purchase--a new three-piece suit for attending his and my Mom's naturalization ceremony and taking photographs; shortly before Mom became hospitalized for good, my multi-generational life got so hectic { advice: accept even anachronistic help } that she gave me Dad's legacy coats { and accoutrement } to wear; they attracted women's sparkling attention and also burglar|s' so the effect of his classic taste in clothes persisted even years after his death.) The full-rigged sailing-ship logo on an Old Spice shaving lotion bottle is meant to be a tattoo emblem for a sailor who has gone through or around the perilous Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of South America, which sailors seldom sailed there anymore after the opening of the Panama Canal, due to the Drake Passage/Magellan Strait's dangerously fierce circum-antarctic { no land mass to impede/deflect the Southern Furies arising from the round-the-southern-pole racing of the } winds, waves, and coldness near Cape Horn.