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Forum Post: But Why Americans are cowards ?

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 22, 2011, 11:34 a.m. EST by smartenough (42)
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We Americans are so used to being screwed over by our elite, we accept it. In fact, we're grateful.

We're big-time victims of Stockholm Syndrome.

Some of us are so deluded we run around waving teabags, calling Obama a socialist, a most peculiar form of Stockholm Syndrome -- call it Evangelical Stockholm Syndrome. When Pat Robertson says the people of Haiti got earthquaked because they made a pact with the devil to win their freedom from the French, he's doing much more than being dadaesque callous -- he's talking an evangelical dialect that is viscerally understood by his Evangelical Stockholm Syndrome people.

When Cheney says Obama is pretending we're at war, he's doing much more than lying -- he's talking a language that is viscerally understood by his Stockholm Syndrome followers on Stockholm Syndrome-engendering Fox News.

When Obama says if the banks can pay their employees big bonuses, they can pay back the American people, he's trying to appeal to his base of Obamian Stockholm Syndrome victims. Except a majority of his section of Stockholm Syndrome victims don't buy it. OnThe Ed Show, the host asked viewers to call in and answer the question: Is Obama doing enough to rein in the banks? 31% of Stockholm Syndrome victims said he's doing enough, 63% of Stockholm Syndrome victims said not.

Call it Stockholm Syndrome or cowardice, it amounts to the same thing: inaction in the face of injustice done to every one of us personally. How many times have you been hit by an overdraft charge? The banks even hit the party who receives the overdraft check. And we put up with this outrage.

Is your bank account at one of the 25 biggest banks in America? If you don't move it to a smaller bank or a credit union, you're helping the fat cat bankers to screw you: you're a coward.

If you're one of the 58% Americans who think the Explosive Gonads Bomber should be waterboarded, i.e. you're willing to sacrifice our principles simply because you're scared, you're a coward.

If you keep paying the minimum on your mounting credit card charges, or if you're paying off an underwater mortgage, you're a coward. Billion-dollar corporations walk away from their obligations all the time; if they're immoral punks, why not you? Especially when they're ripping you off.

If you're giving Obama a pass on his coddling of fat cat bankers, you're a coward.

What is it with us? Don't we have the courage of our convictions? Or don't we have any convictions to be courageous about?

Last Monday, a 100-year-old woman died in the Netherlands. Her name was Miep Gies. She worked for Anne Frank's father Otto, and agreed to keep the Frank family and three other Jews in a secret annex to Otto's office where the Gestapo wouldn't find them. Mrs. Gies biked to various groceries so her food purchases would not arouse suspicion. She and her husband kept the Franks going for more than two years. After the Gestapo raided the office, she tried to bribe them to save the family. She kept Anne Frank's diary, hoping the girl would come back for it.It's because of Miep Gies that we have Anne Frank's Diary.

This is what Miep Gies said about herself: “I am not a hero. I was just an ordinary housewife and a secretary.”

Miep Gies risked her life. Most of us Americans can't even risk our time. We spend a great part of it in front of the TV machine. Our couch-potato passivity and ignorance and cowardice have earned us the right to be screwed by our elite day in and day out.

This is an agonizing time in the life of our nation. I have friends who've been devastated by the Great Recession. A neighboring country is suffering unimaginable devastation. During days as dark as these, our choices define us more precisely than usual. We create who we are in our own eyes and in the eyes of our loved ones, our children, our neighbors, our peers, and everyone whose paths we cross. In pop-Sartrean terms: faced with the absurdity of existence, we're condemned to exercise our freedom of choice. Maybe this is a crude, blunt, shallow way to put it, but I look at it like this:

Once I was a coward. Now I ask myself: who would I rather be from now on? Lloyd Blankfein or Miep Gies?

Over to you, dear reader. When you look in the mirror, who do you want to see?

And what do you want to do about it?




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[-] 2 points by Nasa (33) from Brooklyn, NY 12 years ago

Americans are not cowards but they have wisdom

[-] 2 points by zoom6000 (430) from St Petersburg, FL 12 years ago

Undercover Boss,even when corporation want to fill in empty postion they will make money on it like the TV show., undercover Boss it`s pathetic

[-] 2 points by harding (15) 12 years ago

Yes you are right- We are all afraid- we have been conditioned to fear everything, but mostly each other- That was done to us as a means of controlling us- Our Arab brothers, of the Arab spring- taught us - how to be unafraid- If we do as they did, and join together- arm and arm, white, black christian man & women- we can conquer our oppressor. The arabs are the most amazing people i have ever seen- the opposite of what the corrupt oppressive us government says they are.

[-] 2 points by BlueRose (1437) 12 years ago

Americans just cannot stand up for what is right, they only care about their personal stake in a matter.

[-] 1 points by chaires (17) 12 years ago

Bluerose- that's true today - But people like you, me, tiouaise and global OWS will change that- Don't let them defeat you- In you heart is what is right- that always wins, in the end.

[-] 0 points by TIOUAISE (2526) 12 years ago

The so-called experts and pundits were saying the same thing about the people of Ukraine.... just a few weeks before the Orange Revolution erupted!

Just give Americans a little more time to wake up from their JUNK-TV-INDUCED-TRANCE....

[-] 1 points by chaires (17) 12 years ago

We have learned from people like the Ukrainians. how to fight against oppression-- Ukraine's Orange Revolution By Adrian Karatnycky


[-] 1 points by BlueRose (1437) 12 years ago

I am not as optimistic.

[-] 2 points by kingscrossection (1203) 12 years ago

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[-] 1 points by AFarewellToKings (1486) 12 years ago

"All puffed up with vanity, we see what we want to see. To the beautiful/powerful and the wise, the mirror always lies...

Girls and Boys TOGETHER paint the mirror black, the mirror always lies!"

Written about gender roles but it applies similarly to Democrats and Republicans.


[-] 1 points by BlueRose (1437) 12 years ago

Seriously, we Americans fail in thinking. Look at how many don't even accept evolution, look at the all the Bible-thumpers who have reading comprehension problems as a result of their indoctrinations. Look at our test scores compared to other countries.

We fall for every trick played on us. We have ridiculously long working hours compared to the rest of the civilized world. We fall for every ego-stroking trick. "We are hard workers!" No, we are freaking pawns of the 1%.

Global warming is not true! Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala!

[-] 0 points by TIOUAISE (2526) 12 years ago

I understand your pessimism, BlueRose... but in spite of decades of systematic DUMBING DOWN by their politicians and media, Americans have NOT BECOME DUMB. I have lived on 4 continents and seen much evidence of human stupidity but have yet to come across a truly DUMB people.

Remember, we are children of God and His Light shines deep down inside each and every one of us... And no tinpot tyrant has the power to extinguish that flame.

[-] -1 points by betuadollar (-313) 12 years ago

That's not really true... corporations have been scheming in board rooms since the dawn of industrialization. Look at what they've done in Latin America; it's power, political wealth, organization, on an incredible scale.

I came to a realization at some point, that the Vatican was a supranational state, capable of transcending borders and nationalities ("Globalization") that utilized the promise of riches and the forgiveness of sin to attract from all walks of life to build a militaristic machine... and that it used this machine, for better or worse, to spread Roman Catholicism throughout the Western World. We tend to think of the Crusades as an eleven year window directed at Islam but that's not reality; reality is that Roman Catholicism was spread by militaristic force, in a variety of forms, over a one thousand plus year time period.

My own ancestors, regardless of their origin, were all happy (albeit somewhat hungry), little pagans (of whatever flavor).

Corporatocracy is a very similar force... how do the little people empower themselves? Well, they begin by taking advantage of opportunity.

[-] 1 points by demcapitalist (977) 12 years ago

If you keep buying all the crap made in China you are killing the chances for any American manufacturer to succeed. There is nothing at wal-mart that you need. When you buy the China crap your supporting our whole debt based system. We buy goods from China and sell them back debt day after day year after year. It's impossible to never buy anything made in China but if everyone made an effort we could start getting out of this mess. The entire mess the US and Europe IMO can be traced to our trade imbalances and the constant efforts to pump up the economy to make up for the shortfalls in revenue and jobs.

[-] 1 points by smartenough (42) 12 years ago

No comments

[-] 0 points by patriot4change (818) 12 years ago

You are just the person to organize a "Stop the Machine" Day. Organize a specific day where we will all stop paying our credit cards... stop paying our car payments... stop paying our mortgage payments... pull all our money out of the banks... and stop buying crap from China. The Govt and Corps walked away from all their Debt. So, let's all pick a day to walk away from our Debt. And then see what happens?

[-] 0 points by patriot4change (818) 12 years ago

You are just the person to organize a 'Stop The Machine' Day. Pick a day for every person in America to stop paying their credit cards... stop paying their car payment... stop paying their mortgage... take all their money out of their bank... and cancel their Cable TV service... and stop buying shit from China! You are correct. The Govt and Corporations have walked away from their Debt. And now they are all millionaires. So, let's all walk away from ours. And then let's see what happens?

[-] 0 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 12 years ago

People get the gov they deserve

[-] 1 points by smartenough (42) 12 years ago

Americans deserve OWS . They are the 99%