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Forum Post: Arab-Muslim-Persian .... with all different forms of Democracy

Posted 6 years ago on July 30, 2014, 7:58 a.m. EST by jamespeterevanhoe ()
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Subject: The Middle East

Persians.... five years ago maybe 6 ... there were 3 of them having a conversation in Farsi in the Teton County Library, in Jackson, Wyoming....they were learning Spanish. And from a White Man's point of view looked exactly like Mexicans.

Last Night on PBS...they dove into the ever lasting Iraq Wars, Civil War, Religious War ..... The interviews were amazing..to a point..but it became some what obvious by the conclusion They were trying to head US into a new conflict.....more BS...ending once again in failure and trillions of dollars for nothing.

This is all more "the War Machine has the answer...but...that's BS." The USA with all of its home grown BS.....needs not to be telling the rest of the Planet how to live their lives! Period. In this Country the CIA imports Heroin into Our Country that kills Our own Citizens. Henry Paulson, HP, Charles Schwab, CS and Llyod Blankfein, LB, destroy the USA economy 2000 (HP&CS), again in 2008 (HP& LB) and "as yet" never see the inside of any prison State or Federal. Our children ... approximately 20 million live in hunger-poverty....that's poverty where by your brain doesn't work correctly, your body doesn't grow correctly, etc. Within a few short years 1/3 to 1/2 of Our Population will be living in greater poverty...far worse then it is now.....and....if the monkeys who destroyed Our Economy the last time Bush-Paulson-Blankfein-the War Machine, etc..are not put in their place and soon We could see more then 90% of Our Population without anything......Soon

A new correct financial system can be worked out. But those that destroyed it will do nothing...but destroy it again.

The Middle East Borders must be redrawn .. one must remember the British along with other Europeans and the Americans but mainly the British drew the borders throughout the Middle East. No wonder everything there is a mess. Structure must be, but correct structure works where British Structure has failed time and time again. The West War Machine sees the curtain borders as a never ending way to keep killing more people, destroy more communities far from Our shores.....but know because We have metaled in their lives...those millions of lives we torment with endless wars, bombs, drones....killing their kids and destroying their communities "They have a right to come after USA."

It is past time to redraw the borders. Give those who want their own to have their own. You must remember that land, the Middle East isn't Ours. They must design their own borders....Their form government. In truth Our from of government is Currently crap....doesn't work for the majority Americans at all....failed schools, broke Governments, corruption on all levels. We are out of control, our food supply is of low quality nutritionally and far too expensive....so who are We to tell anyone their living their lives wrong....We Have No Right.

It is past time to get out of the Middle East....."let them build their own future with their own designed borders." We need to take care of the mess We have in this Country. 20 year olds....20 to 29, 36% have no job or are under employed...meaning earning too little to progress in Life...to get married have their own family, buy their own home...You think they are pissed? You bet...and Rightfully so. Those that got US all into this Economic Mess never went to prison, Blankfein, Paulson, Bush, etc.

Its time to go after them..they are the real Terrorist....economically and socially.

Holding the Middle East .... Muslims, Arabs or Persians accountable when We don't hold anyone accountable here in the USA is a huge sick joke. And the World laughs at US. Just ask.

To the point, the program that aired last night shows how foolish GW Bush and Obama became....they had no answer....loved how they paid off the gangs in Iraq to make it seem We won....spent billions.

We are losing Our own Country completely! In many ways it has been destroyed .... from within ....!

Stay out of the Middle East altogether.



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