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Forum Post: anyone in dallas-fort worth want a job?

Posted 5 years ago on June 26, 2012, 12:12 a.m. EST by onepercentguy (294)
This content is user submitted and not an official statement

need several forklift drivers. $12/hr starting. second shift, so 3pm to midnight. contract to hire. health insurance and 401k. prefer at least a year of experience in warehouse environment, working with sit-down/stand-up lifts, pallet jacks, rf scanners. will train.

must have clean record and be able to pass a drug test. msg me for deetz.



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[-] 3 points by nobnot (529) from Kapaa, HI 5 years ago

Pays not enough.Prefer a standard pension.require four weaks vacation per year.In addition to ten paid holidays and thirteen paid sick days.No lay off clause in contract after three years.I can pass any drug test you come up with.In addition to any back ground check. If you are not a union shop when I arrive do not fret.I will make you one.Remember I am an american.You want decent help pay for it!

[-] 2 points by onepercentguy (294) 5 years ago

havent gotten a single inquiry yet. kind of surprised. these are good jobs. i own part of an electronic components distributor, our facility is north of the airport. clean, recently constructed warehouse, well lit, safe, easily accessible.

yes, this offer is legitimate. no, i'm not trying to insult anyone. i'm posting it here because people here have asked for decent jobs with benefits and i'm trying to provide them.

having a hard time finding people with clean records who can pass a drug test and aren't undocumented immigrants. if i overlooked the last requirement, we'd be ready to go.

there was a girl from my alma mater with a masters in english who was unhappy about going on food stamps this month. i offered her this job even though she has no experience and even offered to pay for her ticket here and advance her one paycheck to get settled as a favor for an old roommate. she never got back to me either. i just dont understand.

i posted this thread several months ago for the same need and i didn't get any serious inquiries. a lot of people asking for double the money or free airfare and board for their families. it was quite silly.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (3892) 5 years ago

I want time above all things - can you offer me a way to still live my life, more than enough just to scrape by and not struggle, and enough time left for myself in each day so I can enjoy the planet and life I was born into? Your offer is ok for the life that's been pre-determined and way corporations think we should live, but it's not a good enough solution. While you offer the opportunity not to starve, you don't offer the opportunity to get ahead, sleep soundly, enjoy time before life is over, or to provide enough not to worry about bills slipping behind or taking care of our families. How is this not indentured servitude? When there is nothing extra, and no extra time, only enough to allow me to continue to serve you all my days and not starve? You offer no opportunity for savings - your pay does not meet the demands of the set cost of living that the monopolies are determining. All you offer is a slow death. That is not living. This reminds me of peasants and "Noblemen" taking away our ability to sustain ourselves and then "allowing" us to work for them so we don't starve. But nothing we make belongs to us, nothing we earn is ours, it is only to sustain YOU.. in truth your offer is an offer for us to give up our lives and sustain you...while gaining nothing tangible in return. IF you hadn't first contributed to the death of our ability to sustain ourselves then perhaps you could be seen as a sort of provider, but that ability was stolen by your kind and Wall Street and now you're only offering to sell back what was taken against our will.

[-] 1 points by luparb (290) 5 years ago

"Baaaaaa, back to the herd"

"Baaaaa, sell your labor, you can buy things, Baaaaa"

"Don't think about politics, don't protest, the system is fine, just get a job"

Obviously posting this here is a subtle insult based on stereotypes.

It's not as if there is far more appropriate places dedicated to finding employment.

Ironically, most of the people I have met at occupy are very successful at capitalism. I have spoken to Doctors, nursers, engineers, managers, IT professionals - Some of them were making several thousands of dollars a week.

Don't you find it interesting how people who are actually good at the system are protesting against it?

It's probably because we aren't simple and banal enough to be lulled and seduced by material comforts. It's very hard to be satisfied with money and things while the world marches towards ecological catastrophe. It's very to pleased with yourself when you are truly compassionate and actually care about the well being of others.

It's very hard to find meaning in life when you are forced to be a tool of the marketplace your entire life. It's fucking alienating to be alive in this system when you don't base your existence around how much money you make or how you make it.

[-] 1 points by TechJunkie (3029) from Miami Beach, FL 5 years ago

Stereotypes? This site was full of people complaining about unemployment when it first started. You're going to get a group of people together to whine about not being able to find a job and then attack employers who show up willing to hire?

[-] 0 points by luparb (290) 5 years ago

Please explain to me how 'getting a job' is going to resolve anything.

Employment resolves exactly none of the reasons I attended occupy for, if anything, it's the workers who are creating the problem.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 5 years ago

I don't work for the national military

[-] 1 points by elf3 (3892) 5 years ago

I agree some people want time to enjoy their lives. We spend our days toiling away for the wealth of another person who values a more material existence. So many hours spent doing that only just to get by and run that treadmill, never making headway, never having any time, barely able to pay bills and yet never stopping to catch our breath or enjoy our surroundings. We only get one trip on the merry-go-round. Do we want to spend each and every day sustaining someone else...or do we want the ability to sustain ourselves? Walmart and Dow are the "Noblemen" paying our "protectors" aka government off to take away our ability to sustain ourselves and then proceed to rob us blind. All of us could be entrepreneurs selling goods to one another but that has all been given away to conglomerations and we are just as you said "the tool of the marketplace" never having a piece of that market for ourselves but simply serving the "Noblemen" while we starve and toil our lives away. This is a time old tradition trampling all over the peasants but now they call it "smart business" and "whatever the market will bare" or "survival of the fittest" They can call it by another name but it's the same thing that happened throughout the ages before the people took up arms against it to protect themselves from both their "Government" Betrayers and "Noble" Thieves.


[-] 1 points by TechJunkie (3029) from Miami Beach, FL 5 years ago

Good luck with that. I spent months here trying to offer a $15/hr telecommuting desk job with free training and mostly all I got was insulted for it.

[-] 1 points by wellhungjury (296) 5 years ago

Everyone must have a job already. I live in CO or I would do it on the side. Good luck in your hunt.

[-] 0 points by atki4564 (1259) from Lake Placid, FL 5 years ago

No, but we'll be happy to take away your "onepercentguy" business, as follows:

Agreed, "if you have to live with the decisions, then you must be able to participate in making them", so a new constitution is needed for new times, as follows:

We the peoples, in order to secure Freedom and Justice for All, do enact this Constitution for Strategic International Systems LLC (or SIS LLC) as summarized in the following Business Operations Forecast:

The customer value mission of SIS LLC is (1) to organize all customer-investors into 3,000 investment squad sites of 16 friends (or virtual specialties), and related internet investment legislatures of 50,000 friends (or virtual towns), requiring (2) a $20 weekly capital contribution for 1 year (or $1,000) to (3) create your investment club bank of 50,000 friends (or physical town) -- that is, having $50 million in initial assets -- which (4) due to the operation of today’s fractional banking system becomes (5) $500 million in new annual business loans (or $10,000 in new annual individual loans, plus $10,000 more credit every year thereafter) from yourself as a new bank officer to yourself as a new business officer who (6) takes 75% employee business control as business officer-investors and 25% customer business control as bank officer-investors of (7) your specific 12 businesses (or investments) in your new bank investment account wherein (8) your investor voting power equals (9) your 1 of 12 levels of experience in (10) your 1 of 12 sectors in 1 of 50 industries in 1 of 200 occupations in 1 of 3,000 specialities which (11) votes-upon your purchasing (or investment) orders as (12) proposed by your employee-elected chain of command.

This means you will have 75% employee business control over your workplace as business officers and, as bank officers, 25% customer business control over all 12 investments (or businesses) in your new bank investment account. In turn, with this 100% town-level business control of your 3,000 workplaces, you can decrease your 12 customer consumption expenses by 75% for services, vehicles, education, retail, food, construction, technology, manufacturing, wholesale, health, justice, and banking expenses; that is, over your first 12 years of SIS LLC membership using a 75% more effective and efficient town design, and related 3,000 workplace designs (herein). Furthermore, while creating your new town & workplace design as described by this constitution, you will replace today’s communist big businesses, and related big governments, with your new small investment club banks, and related small businesses (or investments), as proposed, financed, and patronized by your 3,000 investment squad sites of 16 friends (or virtual specialties) in your internet investment legislature of 50,000 friends (or virtual town).

Why? First, because today’s executive business income (mostly from bank or financial asset income) is 33% of all income which is a huge amount of upper 1% income to split among yourselves as new bank officers having 25% customer business control, right? Second, because today’s executive business wealth is 42% of all wealth which is a huge amount of upper 1% wealth to split among yourselves as new business officers having 75% employee business control; that is, only after becoming new bank officers (above) first, right?

For example, this means if you earn $12/hour today, then you will earn $36/hour tomorrow after adding (1) your old wage income, plus (2) your 33% (more and new) interest income as a new bank officer, plus (3) your 42% (more and new) dividend & gain income as a new business officer. Together, these 4 sources of wealth & income from your specific 12 businesses (or investments) will double your net worth every 6-12 years (until retirement); that is, from the compound interest decline of today's upper 1% executives whom you will replace as the new bank & business investor-officers. So, with this power, let’s end today’s communist big businesses, and related big governments, okay? How? By helping to operate your own Business Operations Forecast (above) at http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/StrategicInternationalSystems/ in combination with NextDoor.com; so help us help you, today!

The full specification, if you don't fully understand the above, is at: https://docs.google.com/a/strategicinternationalsystems.com/document/pub?id=1mKKLMTIyvRCLK2ppPj_GDjdieCvJnATaZaCmlajubWU

[-] 0 points by PandoraK (1678) 5 years ago

Posted 12 hours ago on June 26, 2012, 12:12 a.m. EST by onepercentguy (292) This content is user submitted and not an official statement

The timing makes the legitimacy of this offer questionable. 12:12 am is 10:12 in CO...

There have been other posts mirroring this one that have been scams, merely an effort to engage in useless debate over a nonexistent job.

[-] 1 points by TechJunkie (3029) from Miami Beach, FL 5 years ago

You find it hard to believe that somebody might be on the job working at 10:12 AM?

[-] 1 points by PandoraK (1678) 5 years ago

Since I have been an employer, I find it hard to believe anyone would post job openings to an open forum that is not restricted to local issues. As a former employer, I KNOW working at 10:12 am is not the issue, also as one who understands time zones, I apologize for not being clear that 12:12 am Eastern time is 10:12 pm Mountain time.

[-] 1 points by TechJunkie (3029) from Miami Beach, FL 5 years ago

The poster is apparently in central time. And I have posted a job opening to this forum. It was a very sad experience.

[-] 1 points by PandoraK (1678) 5 years ago

It just doesn't make sense to me to post a job opening to a forum which apparently the posters are all over the country, most especially when the job I am seeking a worker for is one local to my own locality.

If someone was to honestly be seeking an employee, I'd think they would at least include some sort of contact info...even if it's just, 'please pm me for more information'.

[-] 0 points by TechJunkie (3029) from Miami Beach, FL 5 years ago

I posted a job here because I was specifically trying to offer a career change with free training to somebody who could use it. There were a lot of people here complaining about unemployment when all of this first stared. I also said to PM me. Somebody did and he's been my software development trainee for the last six months, and now he's planning to enroll in a computer science degree program in the fall.

[-] 1 points by PandoraK (1678) 5 years ago

As I said, locality, requirement to relocate? Those things affect responses.

You did receive a response and have had an employee for six months, you took a chance, but so did he (you referenced this person as male so I am following your lead).

These forums are anonymous, anyone can post anything, there is always going to be someone willing to post falsehoods in and effort to prove a point.

It's a sad fact of existence today.