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Forum Post: Any Harp 2.0 Victims Yet?

Posted 7 years ago on Jan. 16, 2012, 1:48 a.m. EST by ihopeharp2is4real (0)
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I know the banks are supposed to be offering loan modifications, but in my experience they have only offered high blood pressure and headaches. I am current and underwater (I know many of us are), but my interest rate is ridiculous. I attempted a loan mod twice.

The first time they lost the paperwork I was forgiving... I figure people make mistakes. But the second go round they my lost documents again. It seemed fishy... They wouldn’t tell me what document was missing, until I finally got a letter that said, my modification was denied because I didn’t supply all the necessary documents. (after I had spent two months faxing and emailing asking them what docs they needed.) Since that time, a friend in the banking industry told me that what their doing is calculated.... they’re “losing paperwork” because it doesn’t benefit them fix a loan that is making them a lot of money. And because there isn’t anybody enforcing their compliance, they seem to be acting as unethical as always.

Now Harp 2.0 is out. I was hoping that there were some positive testimonials out there before I try again.



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[-] 3 points by debndan (1145) 7 years ago

The ONLY positive thing out there is that Richard Cordray from Ohio has been installed as head at the consumer protection agency that was created 2 years ago.

I'm from Ohio, and Cordray is a straight shooter, you may be able to contact his office with your situation.


Also, might I suggest you contact your local BBB and lodge a formal complaint? This complaint stays till the issue is resolved


And you could contact your local congressman, especially if he/she happens to be a Democrat.

If you give them dates and specifics their office may be able to push the issue, especially if said bank was required to make such modifications.

Nothing gets a bank moving like a batch of paperwork faxed from a congressmans local office. Each person from the US house of representitives maintains an office within their district.

Find your district number then look up your congressmans info at


just put your zip in the appropriate search bar at the top right

Then again, with ALL of these, also keep in contact with your local paper as to your situation

Then kindly inform your bank as you take each of these steps, when you talk with them, be professional, then ask to talk with a manager or supervisor, and inform THEM as to the steps you take and plan to take

Your paperwork might just show up

Good luck, and God Bless

[-] 1 points by epa1nter (4650) from Rutherford, NJ 7 years ago

The best of luck to you, ihopeharp2is4real .

Excellent advice, Debndan.

I would only add that any and all paperwork should be sent twice: one to the banks, return receipt, and one copy to yourself, also return receipt. Do NOT open the one to yourself unless and until you are before a judge. Let the judge himself open them.