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Forum Post: Anti-TPP Puppet Spectacle performer call! Sunday and Tuesday.

Posted 5 years ago on Sept. 11, 2013, 4:56 p.m. EST by owshelpermonkey (-1)
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The Anti-TPP puppet spectacle is coming together. Lee Camp to join performance Tuesday, S-17, NOON Times Square with a monologue. Dennis Trainor, Jr. (American Autumn) to film Sunday and Tuesday! (Show moves to D.C. Friday Sept.20 (tentative)).

Needs: Performers this SUNDAY Sept 15, Washington Square Park arch at NOON. Come wearing Long sleeve BLACK Shirts and Long Black Pants (black jeans OK) and masks will be provided. A photo op.

TUESDAY Sept. 17 - Zucotti Park 9am to 11am (Come wearing Long Sleeve BLACK Shirts and Long Black Pants (black jeans OK), masks provided.

TUESDAY Sept. 17 - Times Square NOON to 3pm (Black clothes), with Lee Camp and Puppets at 2pm in the heart of Times Square.

To participate as performer or stage assistant, contact elliotcrown@earthlink.net. Some lead roles still available. Send times available and phone contact number. Meeting locations To Be Announced.



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