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Forum Post: Anti Riot actions.

Posted 8 years ago on May 20, 2012, 3:21 p.m. EST by bigmikeonsafety (0) from Portland, OR
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So as a "leader" of safety at the former Occupy Portland camps, i saw a prevailing need for safer, and more effective ways to keep the one percent's puppets from beating us senseless in the streets. They tell us that we need a permit to march, they tell us that we are breaking the law by using our first amendment. what is their response??? to have police in riot gear beat, mace, and arrest our brothers and sisters. The Occupy movement has been called violent by many, and rightly so on some occasions( i.e. Occupy Oakland riot), my proposed response to this gross misappropriation of force, and blatant misuse of the justice system is simple, for every protester in street clothes we have one in their own riot gear, minus the phallic symbol of police crowd control, to stand next to his or her fellow protester. Why should we allow ourselves to be told that we are not allowed to protect our friends and family from grievous bodily, and psychological harm??? Why should we let our unilaterally violent government(if it can even be called that any more) dictate what we can and cannot do in the sense of protesting. yes being peaceful is great, and non violence is a great thing to live by, but when are we going to stand up and protect the 80 year old woman from mace??? Or protect the wheelchair bound veteran from a cannister of tear gas??? I have seen many friends get hit with a billy club for offering a flower to an officer of the law, and if we had our own StormTroopers we would send the message that we are willing to fight for our rights to run our own country. I like the country that we live in, at least i did till a little over a year ago when i saw 10,000 people march through the streets of portland oregon.

Let us take back our streets, let us reclaim what is our birth right!!!! join me in my attempt to make every march safer from Police brutality, let US don the Riot Suits, let us show that we are peaceful by maintaining peace in our march without that phallic "protector" of safety, the Freudian club, lest we be afraid of every dark shadow on every dark heart that wishes to make us slaves to ourselves.



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