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Forum Post: #Anon #OpSafeWinter Call to Action & New York #D26 Assembly

Posted 9 years ago on Dec. 15, 2013, 5:33 p.m. EST by OpSafeWinter (0) from New York, NY
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The anonymous network has defined a generation's resistance to rising corporate powers that seek to strip citizens of their rights, destroy the ecosystem and line the pockets of an ever decreasing monied elite known as the 1%.

It is time we aimed our tools, attention, coordinated intention to the plight of those living on the streets this winter as we have with mutual aid efforts of the Occupy & grassroots movements in Sandy affected areas, #OpOK & during Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Fellow Anon and Citizens of the world, We are proud to announce #Anonymous #OPSafeWinter: A Global #Anon Temperature Based Mutual Aid.

The number of homeless people in New York City has increased dramatically during Bloomberg's reign as Mayor & 1% Spokesperson. 52K was the city's last official count but most organizations suggest the count is more that 102K. Either way, a lot.

We can care, we must care, it is our nature and duty to help each other.

We call on you #OWS, Occupy it's allies and all related off shoots like Occupy Sandy, Strike Debt & OcuEvolve to stand with Anonymous as we stood with you on September 17th, 2011 in the following four ways.

1) Learn about current #OpSafeWinter efforts LOCALLY in real time by visiting Twitter and Following the accounts @OpSafeWinter, @OpSafeWinter & naturally us at @opsafewinternyc.

If Twitter is not your thing visit https://www.rebelmouse.com/OPsafeWinter/. This site provides feeds of projects & updates from #Anon in an easy to navigate & well curated format.

Explore what is going on in your area of the world. Is there a local effort to support those living in the streets? What organizations, groups or celebrities are taking steps that feel right to you? What is actually being done to make things better on an individual level? Are there any?

2) We've found a tactic of 'Support Locally, Promote Globally' to be useful for us & suggest all potential supporters, volunteers & individuals interested in becoming apart of #OpSafeWinter to do the same.

3) Amplify existing projects or Create your own. If there are already projects going on that you like follow their lead and support them in ways they ask. No one doing it right? See a need going unmet? Something working well in another city that might work where you are at? Collaborate with people in your area and like minded people you can find online. Build it, throw a mask on it and call it #OpSafeWinter.

Welcome to horizontal organization. Experiment in the spirit of Anonymous using the ideas & frame work already crowd created. The only real mistake one can make in this operation is not taking action. Do know that all projects are subject to peer review, online trolling and massive critique by the assemblage that is Anon. We'll let ya know when things look amiss.

4) Be Safe & Document what you do for others to model & help us replicate if applicable. Use social media & your personal networks to spread the word about what you do.

Research things before you go off blindly into the dark trying to help someone you don't know or didn't expect Santa to be wearing a Halloween Mask. You will get hurt.

Join the efforts in 8 countries & 5 American cities or begin your own #OpSafeWinter Affinity Project.

You are #Anon. Get cracking.

Here Are some Tactical Frameworks or Ops that the Anon Community suggest might be useful:

Know Your Foe: Research life on the streets both online and by spending time with groups or individuals who work with those society often leaves behind. Give yourself some training by volunteering with a local food pantry, soup kitchen or at a shelter. Learning from people who work with under served populations can really better you as a citizen & helps their existing efforts.

In NYC during the Sandy Aid effort NYCares impressed us with their diversity of projects & flexibility of their staff to be impressive. http://www.newyorkcares.org/ Nationally Food Not Bombs http://www.foodnotbombs.net/ & http://www.volunteermatch.org/ both for the most part are good places to start.

Op Ring My Bell: Support existing projects that raise awareness about large homeless charities & their practices during the holidays seasons.

Locally New Yorkers are supporting No Red Kettles who are bringing light to the bias & inefficacy of Salvation army. http://noredkettles.com/. Look for Events Globally on December 24th as apart of this effort.

Clothing Drive: Keeping warm in winter is essential when living in the rough. Create your own clothing drive or support a local effort to help those in your area. Most churches & community groups hold yearly drives.

Locally check out http://paulrobesonfreedomschool.org/ & nationally the One Coat Tool Box on how to hold your own coat drive http://onewarmcoat.org/.

For creative ideas on promotion & coordination please visit the In Our Hearts Community http://www.inourheartsnyc.org/. They hold Free Stores & Community Grub (Feeding) events that use a great model.

Op Pull A Pope: Sneak out at night and feed the hungry like Pope Francis. Visit areas known to be frequented by the house-less. Prepare meals in reusable food containers with lids or use the stores & restaurants in the area to buy meals to go that you can offer to those in need. Be mindful of what foods you select as you never know of food preferences, faith restrictions or allergies people have.

For meal ideas we suggest checking out Trinity Cafe and other social businesses who run Food Ministries. The Churches are the pros at meal for the poor. http://www.trinitycafe.org

-Santa Anon: Instead of hold your traditional Secret Santa talk to your family, friends, classmates & coworkers into thinking of others instead of encouraging more gag gifts & office hijinks.

For ideas of what items might work best take a look at one of the #OpSafeWinter Registries. Wool Socks say Happy Holidays better than gag gifts. http://j.mp/OpSafeWinterNYC. Connect with local efforts to distribute items like #D26 #OpSafeWinterNYC on Dec 26th or bring the items to you local homeless shelter.

For national directories visit http://www.nationalhomeless.org or http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/ & http://www.homeless.us/

-Solistice Solidarity: Join Global efforts online as #OpSafeWinter raises awareness about grassroots efforts going on to help people facing economic injustice on Dec 21st, Winter solstice. Tweet Storms, Online Chats & More are happening that day.

The issues that many face once they are without a indoor residence often can be prevented through better wages & equitable practices. The plight of Walmart & Fast Food Workers are two the many campaigns going on. Free the Walmart Elves & 99 Pickets are two of our favorites that we'll be promoting online & in person. http://elvesonstrike.tumblr.com/ & http://99pickets.org/

-Redistribute The Wealth Got Stuff? The day after Christmas traditionally is a day in New York to don your new duds and hit the stores for discounts, holiday returns & general consumer gluttony. Someone slip you some Gift Cards? Returning something expensive & have no idea what to do with the store credit? Your trustafarian sugar daddy pushing you to make a big ticket item?

Donate the items to an #OpSafeWinter event or even use social media to source & distribute useful new items. Free Cycle & Craigslist are places to try: http://www.freecycle.org/ & http://craigslist.org/

Join us first by sharing this post with your trusted networks on Facebook, Twitter & via Email.

We hope to inspire others to join the effort with the work already done helping those on the streets since we began on Nov 5 of this year .

If you know someone or you yourself is facing homelessness reach out to #OpSafeWinter the #Anon community is standing by to help.

Locally Project Hospitality & Coalition For The Homeless are great resources if you need help getting into a shelter or support. http://www.projecthospitality.org & http://www.coalitionforthehomeless.org

For more info on the Global #OpSafeWinter Movement visit: https://piratenpad.de/p/OpSafeWinter

See You at Liberty Plaza on #D26!


OpSafeWinter UK & USA

Crowd Written in IRC 1 2/13 irc://irc.cyberguerrilla.org/OPSafewinter



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[-] 2 points by shadz66 (19985) 9 years ago

Solidarity @ Liberty Plaza on #D26 & 'OpSafeWinter' !!

pax, amor et lux ...