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Forum Post: Announcement: doing big things on a adventure

Posted 5 years ago on Dec. 28, 2012, 8:53 p.m. EST by anew (3)
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We are a group of individuals traveling to promote an alternative lifestyle and to build a network of like-minded individuals in order to help people establish complete self-sufficiency within their communities. We are seeking people of all trades; including: art, music, sciences, technology, mechanics, transportation, construction, and more.

Our immediate plans are to leave NC Dec 26. We are going to the Shut Up & Grow It land for a few days to do minor maintenance; then, we're heading west on a Free Food/Music tour with Turncoat Collective, in order to recruit people, promote the network of non-profits and promote art; while offering transportation of people and cargo for infrastructure.

Our bus is converted to run on used vegetable oil, so, if anyone can start collecting some for us, it will make the trip that much smoother and be much appreciated. We are also still seeking people with too much free time on their hands and musicians interested in playing shows who would like to join our traveling crew and help organize this massive collaboration of people and resources. As soon as we get get our tags in the mail, we will be headed west to the shut up! land. From there, we will head to Arizona, through California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado on the way back.

We are also looking for lands across the country that are currently or would like to help others so that we can put them in the network. http://plrn.net/ http://shutupandgrowit.org/ http://turncoatcollective.com/



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