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Forum Post: [ANN] Freicoin: monetary reform for the 99%

Posted 8 years ago on June 30, 2012, 4:28 a.m. EST by maaku (0)
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We've launched a proposal to develop a new global currency designed to address the grievances of the 99% movement and correct the excesses of the 1%. Interested in feedback from anyone and everyone:


New Scientist article:




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[-] 1 points by jrhirsch (4714) from Sun City, CA 8 years ago

The only way to honestly and fairly transfer wealth between people is to trade using real wealth, also known as barter. Paper currency, electronic funds, Etc. are all representations of wealth that can and usually are manipulated and stolen by those that control their flow.

The ideal way to exchange wealth would be to use a real commodity, like gold or platinum. It should be relatively rare, so that it's value density per unit is very high, so it is compact and lightweight, as well as it's ability to be produced limited, so it's rate of inflation, very low.

A thin sheet of gold foil encased in a transparent plastic coin could be used for small trans actions, and thicker gold foil sheets encased in transparent flexible bills for large trans actions.

The value of each coin or bill is determined by it's weight in gold or other commodity, not by any denomination or dollar value. The value is integral with the bill so it can't be easily forged or inflated like normal currency.

As the economy increased, so would the "gold bill's value. It would be a relatively stable store of wealth compared to paper currency. Just look how far the dollar has fallen sine 1968. It's value now, about 15 cents. While a dollar's worth of gold has retained it's value over the same period of time.

The wealth lost by one group to the inflation of paper currency is gained by another. If you are poor, that wealth flows away from you, and to stop that flow, the system of government controlled counterfeit paper currency must be replaced with "real money" that contains real wealth instead of paper currency that steals wealth..

[-] 1 points by szoth (5) 8 years ago

Money is just a tool. Control of the money is control of a powerful tool. I am a fellow travelor of the freecoin, bitcoin, local currency, etc. people.

I agree with the sentiment that barter hold much promise. You might be interested in Villages.cc. You can think of it as a barter club, or you could think of it as a peer-to-peer microlending site.

I see a natural alliance between currency reform movements and Occupy which is probably why the original poster posted here.