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Forum Post: Angry 'Occupy' Protesters Plan to Take It to the Streets, as Some Threaten Violence

Posted 11 years ago on Nov. 16, 2011, 5:14 p.m. EST by RexDiamond (585) from Idabel, OK
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"On the 17th, we’re going to burn New York City to the ground," one protester can be heard saying in video recorded after the protesters' home base, Zuccotti Park, was cleared Tuesday.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/11/16/occupy-protesters-still-remain-in-nyc-park/?test=latestnews#content#ixzz1duQbwPkk




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[-] 5 points by unimportant (716) 11 years ago

It comes from the "trusted" source of Fox. Nothing more needs to be said except boycott fox by not logging onto their site so they don't profit from their entertainment.

[+] -4 points by RexDiamond (585) from Idabel, OK 11 years ago

Then, tomorrow I turn on the news to see angry idiots throwing molotov cocktails and rioting.

This is a result of an entire generation raised on anti- American liberalism. Complete lack of morals, values and a understanding of the Constitution. We must not make this mistake with the next generation.

[-] 4 points by unimportant (716) 11 years ago

Son, why is you attribute to everybody the acts of a few? If we were to use your logic then all Black people, all Hispanics and other people of color are thieves, rapist and thugs.

Was Bernie Madoff a white guy, does this mean all white guys do ponzi schemes.

Only from the peanut gallery do we get these comments.

[-] 1 points by denverdoni (5) 11 years ago

Good Lord! Of all the Black's and Latino's I know not one is a thief, rapist or thug. Why is it that you would make such a blatantly racist association? There are plenty more white thieves, rapist and thugs out there than minority. That is a function of simple demographics.



[-] -2 points by RexDiamond (585) from Idabel, OK 11 years ago

Because "everybody" has done nothing to distance themselves from the "few"

People, including myself warned you in the beginning - Separate yourselves from the crazies or be labeled among them.

[-] 4 points by unimportant (716) 11 years ago

I see two issues here;

  1. Your label, like your opinion, mean zero to me.
  2. You don't speak for anybody except yourself.

Unless of course you are claiming you speak for everybody and that your opinion has value to any other than yourself.

I don't speak for the idiots doing stupid things, like I don't speak for you and your generalization and lumping everybody together is pretty stupid.


[-] -2 points by mandodod (144) 11 years ago

150,000,000 Americans are conservative. We love our country. We are ready.

[-] 4 points by NOTSarahPalin (9) 11 years ago

I watched two days of Fox News coverage of OWS

What is the fair and balanced channel saying about the Occupy movement? By Alex Pareene


On Monday, most Occupy movement coverage was handled by field correspondent Casey Stegall, a bland, sufficiently handsome local news veteran working out of Fox’s Los Angeles bureau. His noon report referenced “the squalor of the camps,” used quotes from city and police sources exclusively, and only featured anti-Occupy “man on the street” clips. (One lady was disgusted at the presence of a futon at Occupy Oakland.)

An hour later, Stegall returned for another report hitting the same notes: A “squalid mess,” “defecating, urinating, and vomiting all over the plaza,” and more clips of citizens grossed out by the dinginess of those squalid hippies in their squalor. Plus: Reports of violence! “Clearly the violence detracts from the message they’re trying to send,” Stegall said, though “the message they’re trying to send” was never once addressed.

Occupy wasn’t mentioned again until 3:45, when Shepard Smith had a brief but mostly objective report on Occupy Wall Street from Jonathan Hunt. Shep mentioned that the demonstrations are against “what they call corporate greed.” Hunt brought up reports of TB, because “crime and squalor” were clearly Fox’s talking points, but Smith’s segment was largely fair, if not particularly sympathetic.

Bret Baier’s “Special Report” led with a brief attack on Michael Moore for being fat attempting to “profit” off the movement, but then it was back to Baby Lisa.

So in a workday’s worth of news, there was not one actual interview with an occupier, or even someone remotely sympathetic to the Occupy movement. There was only one mention of what the Occupy movement is supposed to be about, in fact. The rest was filth and crime.

Much more time was spent dissecting President Obama’s ill-considered but essentially harmless statement about how America has become “lazy” about attracting foreign investment. “Obama calls Americans lazy” was the official attack line, and every show devoted at least one full segment to a lengthy discussion of Obama’s contempt for America.

[-] 3 points by NOTSarahPalin (9) 11 years ago


More "fair and balanced" reporting from "RexDiamond's" favorite news source:

On early Tuesday morning, Occupy Wall Street was forcibly evicted by the NYPD in a violent paramilitary raid. Hundreds of protesters and multiple members of the press were arrested. The police used tear gas and, reportedly, an anti-terror “acoustic” weapon. On Tuesday, though, Fox was still much more concerned with former Penn State coach and accused child abuser Jerry Sandusky than with the raid and eviction.

“Fox & Friends” did cheer the raid, putting a very Fox “GOOD RIDDANCE” chyron on footage of police in Zuccotti Park. But I didn’t hear more about the raid until 10:10 a.m., when Martha MacCallum teased an upcoming segment: After the break, Steve Forbes would be on to discuss the Occupy Wall Street eviction!

Yes, Steve Forbes, the millionaire media scion and flat-tax advocate. The Forbes segment was only half devoted to OWS, with Forbes offering pearls of wisdom like “I wish they’d go to Washington and start protesting at the Federal Reserve.” MacCallum and Forbes agreed that the Federal Housing Administration would also be a worthy target of an occupation, and then they began talking about Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich.

At 11, Julie Banderas did a routine cable news report on the eviction, though at no point was it mentioned that the city and the NYPD were in violation of a court order requiring them to allow protesters and their belongings back into the park until the judge had ruled on the legality of anti-occupation rules. They played video of Michael Bloomberg’s statement, and, obviously, did not counter it with any sort of statement from occupiers or their legal representatives.

The same, more or less, an hour later. “This is now a legal issue, and as we get more information we’ll pass it on to you.”

At 1:00, the vicious Megyn Kelly takes over, and all the news is delivered with an extra dose of sneering. “The party’s over,” she said of the OWS raid, bringing up “sanitary problems” again, and not mentioning reports of police brutality or the arrests of reporters.

[-] -1 points by RexDiamond (585) from Idabel, OK 11 years ago

The video does not lie. Whether it was staged is another story. You cannot blame Fox when outlets from all sides are giving OWS bad press.

[-] -2 points by Bambi (359) 11 years ago

Don't blame it on FOX.......Here's your wonderful OWS participant expressing himself to burn down NYC NOTE: Not Safe For Work


[+] -4 points by RexDiamond (585) from Idabel, OK 11 years ago

Look at those guys sticking it to our leaders with trumpets and homemade drums.

[-] -3 points by StopOWS (50) 11 years ago

Wow. Looks like there are going to be a lot of bashed in heads tomorrow. Can't wait to see the vids.