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Forum Post: #Anaheim Occupy #OC Affinity Group Seeks Donations ASAP to Continue!!!!

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 9, 2012, 2:58 p.m. EST by sheryllalexander (0)
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Hi! Thanks so much for listening to us in OC. George Olivio and I (longtime journalist and media guru Sheryll Alexander) have been in solidarity with OWS as Occupy Orange County CA (Occupy OC) media team organizers since before our first protest on Oct. 15 2011 where about 1,000 citizens came and protested against the banksters. Our OC Affinity Group has been involved in several successful direct actions over the past year including Occupy the Courts and a Romney satire protest, among others. On July 21, our affinity group dove into action to cover the #Anaheim crisis in solidarity with OWS and Occupy OC. Without any renumeration whatsoever, we have covered #Anaheim now for 20 days to support the families and the downtrodden community with personal outreach and a media storm including livestreaming of every action as well as excellent live and continuous media coverage across all social media platforms linking the WORLD with #Anaheim and Occupy OC. Now, we are continuing our solidarity with OWS as well as Theresa Smith of Anaheim Cruzsaders in her protests against APD every Saturday at Disneyland (wow!) and every Sunday across from APD HQ. This is high visibility stuff, but we can NOT keep going without some funding as our families are going hungry and our internet is going to get cut off tomorrow. As a media organizer who covers #Anaheim continuously on my Facebook feed and the Occupy OC FB page, I personally need $134 by tomorrow to pay my wireless bill. Plus, my family needs an extra $100-200 for food and gas to get us through the weekend. If you know anyone who can help, please let me know ASAP. We are receiving no donation help from OC as we are seen as rebels, I guess. Ugh. OC Affinity Group thanks you for your help!!

Sheryll Alexander, independent journalist and media occupier

Here's all the ways we can receive donations:

You can donate directly to me and my continuous #Anaheim #occupy feed to my PayPal account at: sheryllalexander@yahoo.com

Here's the transparent WePay donation button for Occupy OC. The money is dumped into the account of a very trusted affinity group member and it will come directly to me and George: http://www.occupy-oc.org/donations/

George also has a WePay donation link on his Orange Crew livestream page: https://www.wepay.com/donations/ustream-donations-for-orangecrew



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