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Forum Post: An Underground Update - Carl Levin A Dual Loyalist Khazar

Posted 10 years ago on Jan. 19, 2012, 3:08 p.m. EST by TobiGrand (35)
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Found this here;


On the first day of the Occupy Congress protests, protesters stormed the office of Sen. Carl Levin and held a mock arrest of this treasonous public servant…

This Carl Levin ,A dual loyalist Khazar, is trying to cover the corrupt Congressional in a flurry of unconstantutional laws laws can protect him and the 30% 0f simular sympathetic duals from the White hats the Mobs and 99er activists that will be hunting him and others responsible for the incredible corruption of the Past 20+ years, Watch this asshole carefully he is one leading the Israeli push to bring their mad and cruel attempts at WWIII and drawing the co-opted US in on a first strike on the Persians. Their assualt on freedom cannot be covered up any longer and their lobbies and fat checkbooks to buy the corrupt ones and their Fascist and murderous hits on Persian scientists is disgusting in the face of the Facts that Israel sits on a clusterfu*k of stolen Nukes and perhaps One in the basement of every major countries Embassies, the 911 aftermath radiological survey of NY city found the strongest radiation detectable inside the Israeli embassy.

A B52 carring nukes stolen from Whiteman AFB and seized in Florida uncovered more shullduggery and then the numerous spying and thievery and sales of American technology to our potential enemies for profit or the never explained daylight attack on the Liberty that murdered our sailors in the hope of America pulling off a false flag nuke attack on Cairo.

So call me an ANTI Zionist, My question for you all, Would we as Americans have gone to War with any other country for much less cause or provacation than the history listed above.

Now check out the backgrounds of the hundreds of Banksters and Wall street Ponzi dealers and you will find the Duals have already looted America and their FED bosses have dumpted billions ,no trillions into foreign banks that we Americans have been forced to cover .

Enough said , the first thing to realize that we have been duped bigtime . Meanwhile they have never signed any non poliferation agreements.

The latest underground news has the French gifted,Israeli “Boomer” Nuke sub losing communication with their war mongering leaders.



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