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Forum Post: An Outline

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 22, 2011, 4:59 p.m. EST by Truthcipher (62)
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  1. We Want Democracy Now. There is no debate here, those on the left of America and those on the right of America and the 99% of the world accept and long for the democratic process. As humans we realize that we are all naturally flawed but we believe in democracy as the process by which the collective will, our true nature, can be fulfilled.

2.We Want Freedom from Tyranny. Power can manifest itself in many forms. We celebrate the notion of freedom for opportunity to work for ourselves in our community. We do not wish a government to tell us what we must eat, purchase or do for work as much as we do not wish an economic system to tell us what we must eat, purchase, or do for work.

  1. We believe in integrity and meritocracy. We believe in the American dream that each individual will be judged and rewarded according to their merit and integrity. We long for the dream that was promised. Everyday we wish to work, act just, and prosper. We simply want an economic system that justly rewards back what one puts in.

  2. We want to protect our life support system. We do not wish to continue to allow the current economic system to destroy that which produces our air, our water and to which we are all dependent upon. It is our responsibility to our children and all future generations to ensure that they will live in the same natural world as us, in their natural environment. It is our generation, now, that must act in defense of the sacred land with which human kind was blessed.

  3. We value life and believe that access to medical care is a right we wish to afford to all people. Our advances in medicine are the shining pinnacle of the modern age. Our love of life and belief in the human spirit fueled this human potential and now serves to reaffirm our commitment to its application.

  4. We believe in science and education. A healthy society is one in which debate and scientific inquiry is free from constraints. We so strongly believe in new scientific advances that we trust the rebuilding of our society to these achievements. There is much work to be done in switching to alternative fuels, switching to local food production, and becoming sustainable.

  5. We believe in small networked based communities. We want to support local business and actively participate with local representation. We simply agree that our local by-laws will not violate a global, state or regional constitution.



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