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Forum Post: An Invincible Manipulation

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 24, 2014, 1:11 a.m. EST by bullfrogma (448)
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People with power use superiority to create the impression of it. We're surrounded by this bully complex because it was a strategy for self-preservation in nature. But we're at this point when it has become systemically detrimental. The animal ego is not conductive to critical thinking. We need to evolve something else, something greater that transcends the insanity of its obsolescence. We are challenged now to put mind over matter, to actually think with our minds, and not with our cockadoodle.

Landlords are bullies, buying up everything, endeavoring to own people. Why is it legal to own a place that somebody else lives in, just for the sake of robbing them? Making money from money is bad enough without having it create slavery.

Nurse Ratched is a bully, being cool while pushing your buttons. Manipulative power is the worst kind because it's stealthy, remaining unidentifiable to become invincible. Such is the nature of espionage, pulling the strings of a puppet show.

There is a standard strategy by those in power to psychologically discredit something by ignoring it. But how has it been managed that all of society is brainwashed into such a reflexive disbelief of conspiracy? Just think about it. It's pretty weird, because conspiracy is exactly one of the biggest problems we now face. It's not just big money taking over accidently, people are behind it.

Hollywood, the media, and slowly but surely the internet, there is great effort being put into monopolizing free speech. And who's actually in charge, having grown into hundreds of departments and agencies operating over a thousand facilities all over the country. Almost 1 million people now have "top secret" clearance for undisclosed reasons, and there's an unaccountable leech on the treasury that no leaders have the guts to defund.

Whatever the whole truth is, the point is that these forces with leverage all over our system will not willingly ever give up their power, and we're not going to deviate from their agenda by playing a system which they are subversively inventing. They will stretch this out, leading us on, all the while our planet and evolution suffering from this incompetent selfishness.

They don't want independent communities and free education; they want capitalism and mass distribution. They don't want people to earn their power through understanding; they want to control the information and indoctrinate us into their view of reality, conditioning people into a slave machine that supports their own, greed driven authority.

This is what Kennedy tried to say, that free speech is our only weapon against this kind of enemy. But we have to fight. Their determination to confuse us, strip rights and censor communication is an attempt to dilute our advantage. They need to prevent people from uniting against their blatant creation of dependency and domination of our government. We need a unity that the mass can focus upon, and also so that our effort can consolidate, like a laser to perform surgery, to have that strength, the power of the people.

But seriously, what can we do? People have a house to take care of, or a job to keep, even kids to raise. The mass of people is an avalanche, a tremendous momentum pouring through the cracks of our environment. Is somebody supposed to just up and defy what's comfortable when nobody else is? That's madness.

People need an option, something to participate with. There's plenty of outrage but effectively zero opportunity. That power of people is organization, a flagship, something consistent the mass of people can convey and keep track of. That's how you fight the information war and reach people, with the marketing strategies of identity. Occupy was almost that thing, and maybe it still can be. Knowing what really needs to change it shouldn't be able to avoid that mission, no matter what espionage.

Otherwise what, we're the intellectual barbarians of a torpid Armageddon, as it becomes so bad everyone will be fighting them anyway in desperation, hopefully to install the right ideas in that rubble, once again for space and time to judge. They've dominated because it's in our animal to be egotistical, and they're not going to give up.

Nothing makes sense, except everything. Gandhi said an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind because people teach each other to use violence to solve problems. Peace will defeat violence because learning has value and war is a childish tantrum. The ultimate leader shouldn't be a person. It should be a foundation of united rights, based on the combination of education and free speech, for without that democracy is nothing but justification.

Sometimes we need leaders to have vision, who can cherish and enhance the participation of others, to organize and make sure things happen; or even make the hard decisions that go against our comfort zones. And sometimes that leader is evil, and it's up to their boss, democracy, education and free speech.



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[-] -2 points by bullfrogma (448) 6 years ago

Love the american flag as a background in that site. Another controlled fire, letting off steam, seeking to give people that sense of progress, and nothing more.

Wasn't the consitution supposed to be our leader? I never actually read it because the whole thing sounded totally abused and perverted already.

[-] -2 points by bullfrogma (448) 6 years ago

Can we talk about how Occupy has been transformed into a controlled fire?

Take for example this forum, controlled by a handful of people who pretend to be progressive but are really making sure that key things don't happen. You vote down and ignore anything that actually challenges corporations in a real way. Only ineffectual things are spoken, and these tactics are used by the book. You can see the pattern from orbit.

The other thing is promoting the movement "on all fronts" trying to create the impression of occupy as a fleet of ships, with everyone fighting their own battles. This is a dirty trick to keep activism segregated and diluted. Any talk about actually uniting against these injustices will sink in the forum like a rock. Pretty funny for people of Occupy.

This website is extremely strategic because it's the most well done, accessible and prominent website for the movement. When someone becomes interested in Occupy this is what they see. Things are being made more complicated, full of fluff and bickering to make it and even democracy look as unattractive as possible.

Why do the people who lead this movement all seem to have an ulterior motive? Even the Rolling Jubilee seemed to be some kind of wolf in sheep’s clothing. Under the disguise of helping people it managed to raise money for bankers; money that those bankers would otherwise probably have never seen. You can't squeeze blood from a turnip, unless of course you have someone to donate blood.

There are multiple petitions for the same thing, and they don't consolidate. All they're doing is spreading us thin. All of these things are a strategy to keep us confused, divided, voiceless and powerless to stop these people who rape us, our government, and our planet. We have got to unite, all of us, seriously.

[-] 2 points by elf3 (4100) 6 years ago

All smaller microcosms of a larger picture- bullies always emerge ... it's the same fight on all levels (how do you fight a bully?) you don't appease, you don't try to get on their game board (you will lose since the non-bully operates on an entirely different game board) - you don't let them onto your game board (where there they will crush your psyche and turn it into their own game board) we can't just run away from the bully because there will always emerge a new bully in it's place ... what do we do? We name the bully what it is and we fight back... we can't begin to question ourselves and try to be compassionate, or try to understand their motives, or try to get around them. The bully goal is to rip away personal boundaries and infringe on the dignity and another's right to life and pursuit of happiness. In the bully's world they are the only thing that matters. You can't ever reason with a bully. All you can do is expose them, and fight back! We need to stand our ground and re-establish our own boundaries...and refuse to pull our boundaries back to a place where the bully wants them to be. There can be no new normal... once we allow that the fight becomes far more difficult.

Anger in and of itself is not aggression - Anger is the natural response to the aggression of another. Getting angry is the proper and normal reaction to the aggressive action of a bully. Time to allow our anger to show. Bullies do not respond to nor understand to compassion and they have no sympathy. The bully's greatest enemy is exposure and a refusal to let them be king. And this is how we should deal with Wall Street: Don't Tread on Me!

[-] 0 points by bullfrogma (448) 6 years ago

People keep asking how we can stop those who don't reason, who have taken everything.

The answer is an organisation. Something to be organised. A flagship that everyone can get behind. Something consistent the mass of people can advertise and keep track of. That's how you fight the information war, with the marketing strategies of identity. Occupy was almost that thing, and maybe it still can be. Knowing what really needs to change it shouldn't be able to avoid that mission, no matter what espionage.

Otherwise what, we are the intellectual barbarians of a torpid armegeddon.

[-] -1 points by bullfrogma (448) 6 years ago

Another thought though, it gets to a point that's so bad everyone's going to be fighting them anyway. And hopfully the right people can install the right ideas in the rubble of that (or you know what I mean).