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Forum Post: An interesting book and a blog that should be on everyone's daily read

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 14, 2012, 7:12 p.m. EST by kaiserw (211)
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John Robb over at Globalguerrillas.typepad.com developed three theories of conflict for the 21st Century:

Open source warfare and protest.
Systems disruption (radically supersized sabotage with new rules)

It appears these theories were at least partially correct. The CIA, NSA, and DoD (including the JCS) all asked me to brief them on numerous occasions. Also, the practitioners in the field from the US special ops world to Henry Okah's MEND and others all used it in conflict. I've heard that many people used the principles of open source conflict/protest when moving Occupy along and I even heard recently that it was very useful in founding Anonymous. So, the theories have traveled, although my part in that was only by publishing this site and writing a book on where things were going.

Now for the other interesting thing:

Ryan wrote the insiders book on how to manipulate and disrupt global online media with "Trust Me, I'm Lying"

If you want to learn about how to disrupt the media cycle for:

Profit (sell product, drive stock prices, or page views)
Nefarious ends (cause riots, protests, resignations, sink companies, etc.)

This is the HOW TO BOOK to read. It's the global guerrilla primer for disrupting social media (think: Egypt, Tunisia, China's Uighur riots, No Mas FARC, Occupy, etc.)....

It also shows that much of the news we read is faked by media manipulators like Huffington and (the late) Brietbart (or their minions).

Might be worth picking up at the library, or perusing in the bookstore.



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