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Forum Post: An immigrant

Posted 8 years ago on Dec. 16, 2011, 8:56 p.m. EST by immigrant (1)
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Occupiers march.

Something's happening to us Ghost is hiking among us Whispers revolution,

Someone's execution.

I am the exploited class Representing most of us We are full of rightful wrath On the holy war's path. Greedy corporations,

Feel the occupation!

LTDs and LLCs Burgeouas and businesses Passing us you busy bees Making money overseas See your end is coming

As we strong becoming.

Eating out, driving by Corner office occupy Oooh, it hurts my feeling

Jeallosy is killing.

I don't have so much to do Day in and day out I would join the others too

To protest and shout.

I do not have a late iPhone Must it be somebody's fault Greedy corporations,

Stop exploitation!

I can't stand those stinking rich Now time has come for each I want a revolution,

Equal distributution.

There is McDonald's job Standing all day at the hob. But I do not want that rout Leave me of this out That was not my intention

That's exploitation.

There is night maintenance job Fixing plumbing and door knob But I do not want that rout Leave me of this out Was it my intention?

That's exploitation!

There are some other jobs To install countertops Early morning to late dawns

Working hard with mexicans.

I remember tried that once Need to think if pro's and con's No I think I pass that chance Insult my intelligance. Was it my intention?

That's exlpoitation!

In the school we have been told That recession's banker's fault Same repeated Frank and Dodd All finances - pure fraud We unveiled their plot It was so relieveing thought All the bankers now caught

Thanks Pelosi, Frank and Dodd.

Damn, it must be right!

Now no job for me In the my preferred field: Comprehensive studies Of the evolution

And the human bodies As source of the pollution.

I can't say I never tried Was a job that I applied But they hired an asian That's discrimination! I was full of rightheus wrath

He was said was good at math!

How can I be a fool? They've been telling me at school, That I was fantastic With attitude scholastic.

No need for sciencies In the true democracy! What you all've been missing

If you stupid listen!

Know how fix the world Of ethernal problems If I ever beat thru wall

Of you fool employers.

My professor praised me twice For social studies I can surely advise

Governmental bodies.

Both my cousins lost their jobs As the coal miners No worries, they're told,

EPA is hiring.

Easy work and better plans Closing coal-fired plants. Energy solution - liquidate pollution. Write'em up, complain it,

Go save the planet.

Stop the manufacturing Start the carbon capturing Closing refineries shutting down factories. Tougher regulation Benefit this nation. Society reforming,

Fighting global warming.

Hey, hey, fun, fun

Get all energy from sun.

EPA is paying well Go factories to hell Miners, drillers, steelers- quell

No more this nasty smell.

We don't need to be that smart Making shoes and garments Go buy them in Wall Mart,

Working for the goverment.

Screw'em all as eye can see, Move to Washington DC. I'll be tough inspector EPA's projector Government protector

Businesses director.

But.. I'm mad that doing well Financial sector. Tax them to extintion

Regulate with vicion.

We do not need no stinking banks Fed can print the paper bucks. Anytime we need them in

Distributed evenly.

But.. nobody's hiring

Must be rich conspiring...

Hey camrades, buy this shirt Hammer - sickle and lining Che Gevara on the front

Cheap and made in China!

Something's happening to us Ghost is hiking among us Whispers revolution,

Someone's execution.

Something's happening to us

Ghost is hiking among us

Something's happening to us

What they taught us in the class?



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[-] 0 points by MVSN (768) from Stockton, CA 8 years ago

What the ripe fuck are you talking about?