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Forum Post: An analysis on the issue of overlapping problems (slightly long)

Posted 11 years ago on Sept. 16, 2012, 11:17 a.m. EST by Mahat (0) from Windsor, ON
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Hey folks, first time poster, lurker for a long time. I've noticed at protests structure being an issue, especially in regards to how we present topics to the public. I've looked to the root of the issue, the train of thought is impossible to follow for many taking a casual glance at our list of issues.

The issue of multiple issues overlaying into one global problem, when taken at face value, is that people tend to dismiss all of it at once. This issue lies in the fact that people can't comprehend the scope of the problem, how multiple issues connect and run in circles. The easiest solution to this is to articulate individual issues, one at a time, on a single website, linking to the issues which overlap the broad spectrum of how society has failed us to this point. Through doing so, we can label and treat each removal of regulation in the banking sector and attribute multiple court cases under one file, creating a circular link of these issues kind of like an internet only flowchart. This would also present well for the breakdown of education, the food industry and small farms issues along with gmo crops rulings, the state of many worldwide judiciary systems, drug wars internationally and their respective country by country problems and solutions...

No leader is required this way, each individual can write pieces to link towards the other issues, creating a large unimaginable never ending tome of issues to be viewed by the public. Proper documentation of court cases and the precedent used to do so would be vital. Individual issues could be rated by society itself and given preference for lobying by the ows movement as what is of the most vital importance and needing of civilian oversight. Only the most intelligent analysis of the issues would be brought forth under said scenario due to our personal like for the ratings game.

A website run side by side with video hosting where people get to rant in catagories about how society has failed them, allowing for sob stories based on these claims, about corporate wrongdoing, healthcare issues, education issues, government service issues, stories of police brutality and the like, would back up the documented claims. Home owners losing their houses due to the banks filing for the wrong property would have a medium to come forward under. Inner city kids talking about how prejudice and lack of funding prevented them from acquiring a scholarship or in turn had to resort to crime for their family, scientists getting pissed about the roadblocks towards research that isn't corporately sponsored, journalists with issues regarding censorship, veterans speaking about the atrocities they did in the name of patriotism, lawyers with a conscience who bury cases under threats and paperwork knowing full well the opposition does not have the resources to combat a money driven judicial system...

It wouldn't cost much either, to host and run something like so. Basically, all we would need to do is link together and tag different articles in the paper format, having this represented as a more official format for claims. This would allow for those interested in particular issues to come to our site and view the topics we wish to change, the discussion underneath the articles to submit new evidence or perhaps a modification to clarify the wording. Links to video's where the people who have been affected by this topic could be posted under the same tag, the best being represented on a bar next to the article, to see that human element of the complaint, to understand the despair the problem has caused, to give a face to the problems others so willfully ignore because it hasn't hit home yet.

Everybody, individually, is the leader of this movement, as such, we must stand together to right the wrongs of society. Might is not justice, it appears to be the case, but i still believe that the people will come forward in the name of true justice, if they believe others are there with them.

Thank you for your time fellow citizens of earth. I'd like to dedicate my life to this cause.



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