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Forum Post: Americas New Sport ...when your loved ones are involuntarily recruited for Covid service

Posted 6 months ago on April 2, 2020, 4:14 p.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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silence speaks volumes

Instead of betting which grocery store cashier will die first in our real life Hunger Games.... Maybe the mailman, bus drivers, UPS guy - How about standing up for them? Calling your representatives...curbing your shopping habbits. Demanding they have a choice on unemployment rather than work and maybe die or be homeless and maybe die? These companies need to pay up or risk losing them to unemployment - let the fair market decide.Let them choose unemployment.

What is wrong with this country? So many many bystanders I'm sickened by the behavior of my own nation. Still ordering frivolous shit - furniture, golf clubs, kids swingsets, multiple trips to the grocery store - in the middle of this tragedy. Talking about the annoyances of being trapped inside and how inconvenient and bored they are. Allowing the unacceptable corporate negligent behavior to continue which is putting workers at risk not even the slightest logical measures being taken and not making the connection that they are part of the problem by doing saying nothing and not changing their own behaviors - do you really need new shoes now? Even cutting pay on Doctors and Nurses in the middle of this?

I'm so ashamed to be part of this country. silence speaks volumes



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[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 6 months ago

Stupidity too - "ordering products or take-out to help business" is increasing the curve. Workers are seriously being exposed to this and so are their families and CHILDREN - as someone on the inside of it since my family is at the bottom of the sacrificial pile - I can tell you there are no measures being taken at all to protect workers and they become enraged and heavily retaliate if you dare to mention the unmentionable COVID in the room. It's a matter of time for us and we are saying our goodbyes as we cry and curse all of you for doing this to us as you go online and vent about your boredom and believe the stupid lies and money driven propaganda put out by Rupert Murdoch. But we also know what happens to us is going to happen to you - and unlike Congress and this President we care about human beings - why won't you listen to us? Companies aren't lying since OSHA doesn't require them to do anything for Covid they are indeed "following all protocols" - which means business as usual. Workers are totally completely expendable but this translates into more spread which somehow people aren't getting that there aren't enough VENTILATORS by the time they make them - we will be dead on top of the fact apparently even ventilators aren't cutting it because this virus is so SEVERE. Science shows on slow motion cameras a sneezes travel 26 feet the arbitrary number of 6 feet chosen was arbitrary - it's probably the distance of machinery in most factories. The OSHA rules weren't changed to include Covid anyway so a companies CHOICE to follow safety measures is a choice with absolutely no enforcement being implemented. Apparently no one has heard of typhoid Mary in this country. Without a complete worker shut-down you are about as safe as those being told to hide under their desks during a nuclear attack - the powers that be are hoping for herd exposure because they still believe their privilege will keep them safe. The members of our government made it perfectly clear their interest is saving the MONEY - as it always has been. They do not care about any lives other than their own and immediate families. Glen Beck is actually telling people they should be willing to die for his stock portfolio. Senators selling off stocks instead of warning the public, and even telling us that lives are worth saving the economy. WE ARE THE ECONOMY STUPID. They are still wheeling and dealing even as the boat is sinking Trump and his ilk are allowing an unregulated and unchecked bidding war on medical supplies because their insane free market ideology brainwashed cult still can't see the forest through the trees. But narcissists go into denial it's not until the cold water reality hits them in the face that what happens to us workers will happen to them and our Doctors and Nurses and eventually their money won't be worth the hedged bet it's written on as the virus circles around like a whirlpool. FUCK THE MONEY. Shut down the wheels of commerce for two weeks - EVERYTHING. Stop this madness.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 6 months ago

My family is trying to decide if we should quit, pack our belongings, and give up our home to live in a van - rather than face exposure and death since our household is "essential" for the Hunger Games culling. Golf clubs, bouncy houses, toys, and furniture is not something we feel willing to die for and this is what goods companies are passing off as essential services - no joke. The government doesn't care and isn't checking. But we are also debating if it's better to keep working and get sick now while there are still ventilators for us since we know this virus is alive and spreading among our caste. I'd say at least 5 per week in every workplace, which they aren't disclosing. Hey it could just be the sniffles - you know? Especially with no testing plus somehow now they have chosen to invoke HIPPA especially for Covid though they have been attempting to dig into worker medical files for years. They could still tell workers if they have been exposed without naming names but no - now suddenly - "there are very strict laws on the books regarding worker privacy". So it could be rampant for all workers know.

Come on people you are smart enough to clean your deliveries off with bleach but not smart enough to realize that worker spread is increasing the curve and that the collective decrease in exposure is ALL that's going to keep you safe? The government is going to demand you go back to work soon and the virus will still be circulating. And you are cleaning boxes off with bleach - but eating the food prepared by sick individuals? And you will be walking into and working in the same storm soon enough because too many workers are hosting the spread - so essentially we are still at square 1. We must be smarter than this!...?

[-] 2 points by gsw (3324) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 6 months ago

I’d stay put, and not be driving around. Isn’t there a moratorium on foreclosure, and many services, should be giving a break. Just concentrate on basics of food, healthy food if available, and get it delivered. Then wash and cook it. Be clean. Shelter in place, don’t use extra resources, except simple basics.

[-] 2 points by gsw (3324) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 6 months ago

Also, cash can have the virus. Let it sit for 10 days and it should be ok. Hopefully people have access to electronic banking. This virus is going to be hardest on the least economically prepared. It is a cruel reality of the system we’ve put for ourselves. Maybe if must work, food banks may be needing workers, and early childhood, but wear best protective equipment you can get, ive seen milk jug face masks. Shower after going out. venture out less than once every 8 days, if possible. Xfinity has free COVID19 WiFi, for low income, for 2 moths, I ordered for one family member.

[-] 2 points by beautifulworld (23330) 6 months ago

We need mortgage & rent moratorium, nationwide, NOW!

We need all essential workers, not just health care workers,but everyone that has to go to work right now, to have protective personal equipment especially now that they are telling us COVID 19 is transmitted through SPEAKING & BREATHING.

I don't know any humans who don't speak and breath, for Christ's sake!

I will keep your family in my thoughts, not that that helps. My advice to you would be to stay in your house and not pay the mortgage. It'll be a while before anyone would come to throw you out. Get the van ready in the meantime maybe.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 6 months ago

Ha thanks to all for offers - no hand out here but thanks for the generosity! Please do be careful about offering cash or money to people online!- not a good idea. Yes we are scared of the virus like everyone and weighing the choice in front of us while trying to determine what is reasonable - but I posted this not to get handouts but to demonstrate the lack of choice being given to ALL affected families with "essential" jobs. And what should people do - what is the exact risk of contagion or death? According to companies like Amazon - it's just another average day but what would Dr. Fauci tell his family to do? Would he advise his kids to keep working in Amazon or similar companies not offering protection with Covid in the buildings? Would he tell his own child it's not worth the risk to keep a job where you might die? And of course if you are dying to save lives that may be a risk some would take - but if you are dying for frivolous goods - most people would say no thanks. That I'd like to know - his response to this question.

What I feel:

Number one - better make certain they are indeed essential - like lives/ survival depends on it. And no that doesn't include Sephora make-up or golf clubs or kid toys. Also please note that buying plastic toys from China means a child or young female adult stood by a chemical oven emitting toxic plastic fumes all day - it kills them, and most die very young - there are other ways for kids to be entertained than with blood toys.

Number two - how about giving people a choice rather than backing them into a corner between quitting and risking possible death especially those with kids because this is America and not China.

Number three - they need to have protections in place as well as proper benefits and compensation for the risk as well as info about the actual risk of catching the virus where you work and risk of death from it - would be nice to know.

Number four and most important - is keeping people working that don't need to be just for profits - is increasing the curve for every single person even those who are home thinking they will be safe - because people can't stay in forever and with hundreds of thousands of workers out and about with few protections implemented - nothing will change and that means: You're next.

Number five - without mandatory quarantine - a-holes are still gathering and partying and spreading the virus.

Number six - never ever ever give a corporation the ability to self-regulate.

Number 7 Maybe I found my new career - moral guide book for pandemics.

Number 8: Ban Jared Kushner from American soil. I vote we send him to the Antarctic - he'll fit in great there with his ice cold heart and lack of human soul.

Number 9: Surprise !!!!- We volunteer you for the front lines of a pandemic!!! Is not ok (unless you are already an emergency worker like an EMT, Police, Dr, Firefighter or government official). Wait that should be number one I think. Because It's not the same thing as winning publisher's clearing house - you know? - in fact it's very far from it.

Number ten: freeze the economy in place - loans, mortgages rents, bills during the quarantine - because it will freeze the economy in place instead of setting it on fire - you dumb ass stupider than stupid narrow focused live for today's quarter politicians. In fact MAYBE if you just keep everyone in for 14 days we won't need all the ventilators. hmmmm??????

[-] 1 points by gsw (3324) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 6 months ago

Cults, tinfoil hat leaders, and non thinking high school mentality of a consumerist nation, doesn’t give a f about nobody, criminal culpability, pandemic profiteering, our country is messed up, and it makes other countries a respite to visit,. It will take more than a Trump or a slogan to make America great, with this dush bag leader, and congress and lame stream media

Washington State Group is 1st to Sue Fox News for Calling Coronavirus a 'Hoax' - Times of San Diego


[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 6 months ago

The stock market is a cult...follow the money right over a cliff.

[-] 1 points by gsw (3324) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 6 months ago

Yes it is one. A lack of foresight, and prayin for rapture, it is endemic


“I would be using it for something in addition, and that’s ramping up the capacity to produce all the vaccine we’re going to need,” he said. “Once a vaccine is viable and there is one that works, we’re going to have to make 340 million doses and every country is going to be making their vaccines for their people, so we can’t depend on even our allies in that circumstance. So, you know, if we’re going to run into a good vaccine and no ability to mass produce it, or at least not quickly, we’ll extend this pain for another six or seven months, and I hope that doesn’t happen.”