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Forum Post: Americans have stockholm syndrome

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 16, 2011, 1:19 p.m. EST by ronimacarroni (1089)
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Corporations are shredding this country to pieces and doing the best they can to gut the government and you people are playing along.

The only word I can use to describe this behavior is stupid. That's right America you are dumb as fuck. No CEO's are not good people. FUCK. YOU. Have fun living on the streets after corporations take away your welfare checks.



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[-] 5 points by bensdad (8977) 10 years ago

I cant disagree - but just some friendly advice -
vulgarity NEVER helps put forth your position.
I see what you see in a slightly different way - I call it Lemming Syndrome. It is so much easier to follow than to figure it out. But WE can be very proud that WE are waking up America and the world What do you plan to DO?

[-] 1 points by ronimacarroni (1089) 10 years ago

Well its kind of hard to DO things, when people criticize every single thing.

The cities will probably come up with yet another bogus bill and claim we're costing the tax payers money because we're exercising our first amendment rights.

[-] 3 points by johnag (7) 10 years ago

you are right on all counts- Americans are as dumb as a box of rocks. - but ows is waking up the stupid bastards. but they won't be living on the streets- they'll be put in internment camps. http://1vbd3.cjb.net

[-] 2 points by BlueRose (1437) 10 years ago

I agree except we won't be on the streets, we will be in camps working as slaves, manufacturing military goods.

[-] 2 points by April (3196) 10 years ago

It's sad but true. I think this movement needs a better tag line though.

OWS says "we don't need politicians". I think that's a marketing problem. We don't need politicians? Really? I think the average person in the 99% would say that sounds pretty silly.

Maybe more people would pay attention to what OWS is saying if we used a slogan like "Help us, help you. Together we can save our Republic from the Oligarchs". I don't know, just off the top of my head! Or like the famous Uncle Sam poster - "We need you! To save our Republic! From corruption by the 1%"

And what about the raised fist symbol? Many people associate that with communism/anarchy. Rightly or wrongly, perception is important. How many people are gonna sign up for that??

We definately need some better marketing.

[-] 3 points by ronimacarroni (1089) 10 years ago

The raised fist is also associated with worker's rights.

[-] 1 points by April (3196) 10 years ago

I know. I'm just sayin' - an average observer can perceive it differently. Of all the choices for symbolism, I don't think this was the best one.

I think something truly and uniquely American like the Uncle Sam, I Want You! I think would resonate better with the general public. Be more appealing. After all, above all, a movement needs bodies. To pretend we don't need to worry about the MSM is foolish. Because that's what the 99% hear.

Instead, I think this movement has tried to use the 'let everyone come and complain about everything" tactic in order to be appealing. So now we look like a bunch of whining complainers.

No matter how legitimate the message of "ending corp personhood", "money is not speech". It's lost in the noise. Lost in the bad marketing.

[-] 4 points by ronimacarroni (1089) 10 years ago

Well that's because this movement isn't supposed to be flowers and sunshine. We admit that the system is corrupt and in order to accomplish our goals we need resistance and persistence.

Heck look at the Iraq war. Its over and not even the general knows what it was all about. Actually he does but its not a appropriate to say it. It was about making a few people filthy rich at the expense of people's lives.

We're not dealing with reasonable folks.

[-] 1 points by April (3196) 10 years ago

But 99% are reasonable folks. Maybe a little flowers and sunshine is neccessary. A little patriotism. A little Uncle Sam! That doesn't mean we can't or won't fight like hell against the 1%. To fight the power of the 1% we need all the support we can get!

Resistance and persistence is fine, but people are more important. More people will strengthen the resistance and persistence. If we want to have 297,000,000 people on our side - whining, complaining and communist/anarchy symbolism is not the way to do that.

Sure, that kind of marketing might be a little scary to the government and the 1%. I doubt it. But even if it were, so what.

What will scare them even more is 297,000,000 people! To accomplish our goals we need 297,000,000 engaged and fighting against the 1%. Fighting for the singular message of ending government corruption with a laser beam focus.

If this movement doesn't get it's act together, get properly organized, it's going to burn itself out on whining and complaining. And the 1% and the balance of the 99% will be happy for it.

[-] 2 points by nolongerasleep (57) from Cleveland, OH 10 years ago

Most people seem to be happy as long as their basic needs are met, they attack anyone that doesn't see it their way. They have been conditioned to think and act in a manner that is convenient to the ruling class.

Basic needs = house, food, entertainment, offspring

As long as the majority of people can obtain those 4 things, it doesn't matter much to them if they have no civil rights, or get shit on by the elite.

That is why our country is a mess, and that is why I regard the common American as our enemy until we can awaken them.

[-] 0 points by MASTERdBATER (15) 10 years ago

Are you saying that the "majority" of Americans retain all of their basic needs, and you are also supporting a "movement" that states the exact opposite? At the same time?

[-] 1 points by nolongerasleep (57) from Cleveland, OH 10 years ago

Reading comprehension fail. What I posted was that as long as people have their basic needs met, they don't really care how fucked up our society is. Make no mistake, the majority of people in America have their basic needs met. Even with a real unemployment rate of roughly 20% (as high as 25% in the last 2 years) obviously that is still a minority. The 4 basic needs I listed can be met as long as their is income whether it is from a job or welfare. How many people do you see homeless or starving on the street? Look how few truly care about our movement and would rather continue voting in corrupt elections that elect the same turds over and over.. Which brings me to my second point...

OWS at its formation stood for ending corruption on wall street and in government. And restoring some sense of the income equality that we had for the past 60 years through accountability, responsibility, and fair policy. OWS was not out there because everyone is "poor". According to the definition of what is "poor" the majority are not.

I support OWS as a whole but I don't care for the socialist/communist vibes I sometimes get from rallies. What I do support is any movement that can inspire others to thirst for knowledge. Lets face it, our country is full of ignorant people. It MUST change before we have nothing left. Time is running out.


[-] 1 points by Durandus (181) 10 years ago

Your observation on Corporations are right...and some of us, many of us, urge withdrawal of support for any Corporate good or service; those not on-board yet need a little coaxing. But cursing at those who are as yet not on-board is not a good strategy for enlisting the kind of Action in line with starving the Beast. I'd call that attitude: inhumane.

[-] 1 points by Windsofchange (1044) 10 years ago

Although I would change your statement to: " Many Americans have the Stockholm Syndrome". I must say there is truth there.

I have talked to people on many forum from many different backgrounds (as diverse a people you could find), and I was alarmed by how many people keep saying that OWS is protesting the wrong people--Wall Street. They keep saying that OWS should only protest in D.C. since that is where the problem lies. Every time I mention what the Banksters did on Wall Street that destroyed our economy and people's lives--they ALWAYS defended them and then told me it is all the Government's fault.

Why are these people protecting the Banksters? Why don't they think they should be held accountable for their crimes? Why do they defend corporate greed and corruption? I keep asking myself this. I think that they were trained to think that they mustn't speak badly about the corporations because they bring wealth to this country and they supply jobs to Americans. This is so flawed because Corporations today are not paying their fair share of taxes, they outsources many jobs (putting many Americans on the unemployment lines), and get away with a lot of crap they shouldn't be getting away with. Not to mention that the taxpayers are paying for their mistakes (prime example of this the whole BOA toxic deriviatives of 79 Trillion dollars that has been dumped onto the shoulders of the American Taxpayers. Why are we suffering from their disgusting banking practices? This whole idea of them subsidizing their loses is infuriating, to say the least..

Anyway, I feel the same way. When will this blind worship of Corporations end already? The corporations will not hesitate screwing these people over. Maybe, just maybe in the end the American people will wake up and see the true nature of thee greedy corporations. One could only hope.

[-] 1 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 10 years ago

Don't be coy. Come right out and say what you think.

Seriously, I've never seen things this bad.

[-] 3 points by ronimacarroni (1089) 10 years ago

I just want Americans to admit that corporations are screwing them and they want to do something about it.

How bad does the US have to screwed before people stop kissing ass?

People should be angry! That's right I didn't say sad, I didn't say remorseful, I said ANGRY.

[-] 1 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 10 years ago

They seem too confused. Not sure of who the enemy is. But the screw turns . . .

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago

I agree 100%.

[-] 0 points by MVSN (768) from Stockton, CA 10 years ago

That's it? That all you got?

[-] -1 points by fairforall (279) 10 years ago

I'm guessing ronimacaroni just rcvd his last welfare check.

[-] 1 points by ronimacarroni (1089) 10 years ago

No I'm mad because my potential job is going to get freaking outsourced to India before I graduate.

And if my parents didn't sell houses to foreign investors and then rent homes to welfare recipients they'd probably be on dole too. Cause nobody in the US has money to spend. Seriously folks are we stupid or what?

[-] 1 points by fairforall (279) 10 years ago

I do understand your fear of not having a signifcant job. What are you studying and when do you graduate?

[-] 1 points by libertarianincle (312) from Cleveland, OH 10 years ago

Potential Job?

Potential just means you haven't done it yet, son.

[-] 1 points by JesseHeffran (3903) 10 years ago

Wow, are sure you are American? That type of capitulation makes me question your status. Can I see your birth certificate?

[-] 1 points by ronimacarroni (1089) 10 years ago

I also know that they don't pay a whole lot of taxes. I'm not going to take it out on them because the system has been rigged by lobbyists.

The only people who currently pay their fair share are middle class employees. That's why I facepalm every time somebody says that the solution is to cut taxes for "job creators". THEY DON'T PAY ANY TAXES AS IT IS EINSTEIN. Tax loopholes are not a catch phrase they're real.

[-] 1 points by JesseHeffran (3903) 10 years ago

But who pays the lobbyists to change the rules? Don't get stuck staring at the trees or the forest may engulf you.

[-] 1 points by ronimacarroni (1089) 10 years ago

Corporations do.

It also helps to have a corrupt supreme court that rules that money is speech.

[-] 1 points by JesseHeffran (3903) 10 years ago

Oh, again you are lost staring at the tree. If corporations and union's money is free speech then why can't a million people have the same luxury. and don't tell me we are that broke?

[-] 1 points by ronimacarroni (1089) 10 years ago

There seems to be a misunderstanding. I'm against money being speech and pointing out the corruption in the system...

[-] 1 points by JesseHeffran (3903) 10 years ago

it's called playing by the rules that are laid out. I'd rather see your vision become reality, but, hay, it is what it is. I'd say that any company headquartered here should not be able to influence the political process, here or any where else. that is how wars start. But i'm only one person. but, I bet if a million people with five dollars felt the same way I did, we would be able to change the 'quo

[-] -1 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 10 years ago

I'm guessing fairforall makes his living swallowing 1% cum.

[-] 1 points by fairforall (279) 10 years ago

I don't swallow.