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Forum Post: [DELETED]

Posted 10 years ago on Jan. 5, 2012, 11:25 a.m. EST by anonymous ()
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[-] 1 points by LeoYo (5909) 10 years ago

In addition to unions, there's nothing to prevent worker class individuals from improving their working conditions by forming cooperatives. I've already suggested to a couple of OWS forums that Walmart should be challenged with a cooperative alternative that I currently refer to as 'CoMart'. Walmart generates the greatest revenue in the world and is the USA's number one employer. Having a cooperative alternative to it would not only provide a major worker owned business as an example for all the world to see, it would also open the door to the formation of other co-ops that it would give preference to in marketing their products. In addition, the combination of co-ops and unions could establish a standard for wages and benefits that could be applied to all businesses as a national standard.

If a person interested in working for a co-op isn't already working for one due to a lack of hiring, all that person has to do is re-visit all of those co-ops with a proposal for them to get together with their experience to facilitate the formation of the CoMart. Once formed, the CoMart would be owned and operated by its workers, not by the co-ops that facilitated its formation. Assistance might even be provided by the collaboration of the United Steelworkers and Mondragon. In any case, the formation of the CoMart could start an economic revolution that brings cooperatives to the forefront of the business world, greatly reducing the influence of the private corporations.


[-] 1 points by LeoYo (5909) 10 years ago

National support of the Free Democracy Amendment http://occupywallst.org/forum/free-democracy-amendment/ combined with local support of the American Prosperity Initiative can protect the American economy from the predatory business practices of the corporations.