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Forum Post: America Land of the Free?

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 30, 2011, 2:20 p.m. EST by FightforLibertynotGovernment (2) from Carlstadt, NJ
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I'm not sure if I agree with everything going on in the OWS.

I don't believe the system they have in place is working. Sure it’s nice to say you don’t have a leader and everyone has a voice but it’s just not working. They need a cause and one that all Americans can agree with.

The subject in my mind would be the wars. We fought war after war since the WW2, all undeclared and all illegal yet we allow this incredible expense to continue. We still live in a world where the people can be convinced to hurt and kill others in the name of freedom. We are still sold the idea that they hate because we are free and prosperous. However anyone who just starts to think about it even a little bit should realize that's not true. They hate us because of our foreign policy of the past 40 years. Ask yourself if you were from the Middle East. Not a politician but a person, just a person, the same guy looking for work and food for your family. Except NATO bombs led by Americans are destroying you country, killing your father, sister, daughter, son and mother. Sanctions in acted to starve you by the Western Countries. As a person being born generation after generation into this environment, wouldn’t you hate the US? Not because they are free but because they kill you and torture you. (Advanced Interrogation Techniques) We need to truly rethink about what we are doing and ask ourselves if these are the actions of a Republic founded on freedom. Isn’t this what the Founders warned us against? The quest of Empire destroys all Great Nations. We all read about this in the history. And in the name of security we in acted the Patriot Act. Every member of OWS should know what’s in this bill. Today the TSA are allowed to search without warrants and we must now consent to searches. We are being led to believe that we must give up liberty in the name of security. So are we free men and women? Or servants of a protective master (Government) Some people imagine that without these agencies we are prone to attack, so we cannot remove them. I challenge people who state this and ask them how could we ever be safe from insanity? A terrorist, if he wanted to could walk in to an airport and blow up all those people standing in line giving up their rights to be safe. What if it was a school, mall, or super market? Will we then need TSA there too? It's a trick people. We could never be completely safe and it's irresponsible of us as free men to give our rights for that illusion of safety to exist. The wars are just an excuse to undermine personal liberty. If there is any one subject that can unite the country it is this. The special interests are the only ones that profit. War is a Racket! The people must wake up to business world of War, and be outraged. These are the true criminals that have invaded our politics. War is the biggest incentive to increase the size of government. It's the same reason this country is broke and we can longer afford our social services, whether or not I agree is another argument. I believe if the people unify and argue on the side of the constitution about how all of these wars are illegal and should at the very least be declared, they would gain a lot of traction. If they stress how TSA and Home Land security are unconstitutional and how they only under minds civil liberties instead of protecting us then they would appeal to more. The President has order assassinations. Shouldn’t we be outraged? We are subject to the same courts of law and here we allow a man to be the judge jury and executioner. We need to be very careful on what allow in the name of safety. What happens when the terrorist look like Americans? America the land of the Free! I ask you to look around and truly ask yourselves if we are free. Or do we live in a land where the shackles of debt are all around us. Debt, in house, car, school, medicine, the next place will be FOOD. I hope it's not too late and we can resolve the issue through non violence. However people rarely lay down to die and all revolutions are fought on empty stomachs. There is only one candidate out there who stands a chance at restoring the country and that's Ron Lawl. You may not agree with everything he may believe but that’s true about everyone you know. It's time to look at the bigger issue. Forget about Republicans or Democrats. The parties have been paid for.



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