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Forum Post: The Ecology-Erotological conception (alternative way of future)

Posted 11 years ago on Sept. 1, 2012, 2:47 a.m. EST by menachem30 (0)
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The Ecology-Erotological conception

 (alternative way of future)

Ecology and Erotology. Isn't that so, at first sight, absolutely non-comparable concepts? And it how to look. On all extent of human history all system of social relations rotated and rotates around two constants: the Capital and the Body. From them the Capital – is mainly rational, and the body – is mainly irrational. Since ancient times there were wars for the land (Capital) and women (Body) etc. Subsequently a little that has changed, while in 19 century each of these constants didn't have singers: K. Marx (Capital) and Z. Freud (Body). But, why we tell the Body, instead of simply Woman. Because the woman is only the brightest spokesman of the Body. Here this mess between the Woman and the Body always was an essence of huge instability. We will present that the Man and the Woman have retired to a room. How many them in a room? You will tell: two. No, they are three: the Man, the Woman and a female Body. That is actually the Man and the Woman play a female Body. Two subjects and one object. Because of misunderstanding of this fact also there is an enslavement of the Woman in a traditional society. After all that such the Woman is a Person + the Body which carries out the major functions: conditionally we name their function of "toy" (sexual object) and function of "incubator" (child-bearing). Presently in the countries of the Western civilization have started to forbid to whistle in streets following to appetite women: women are offended, and to take offense there is nothing: admiration is expressed to the Body, instead of their person. From here are all unfair forms of discrimination of women and not less ridiculous feministic forms of struggle against it.

Let's return to the second constant of public relations – to the Capital. About that it’s written enough and we have especially nothing to add. Unless only that the uncontrollable Capital (along with an uncontrollable Body) destabilize ALL: the nature, the society and the Person. And the Capital is very closely connected with the Body, mutually influencing against each other. Judge yourselves when the Body is on sale for money - it’s a prostitution. And how much money demands a Body?! Women, and especially Men are ready on everything that it was enough, blossomed and smelled: a bottomless butt of glamour consumption, such capitalization of a body and “bodyzation” (our term) of a capital. The body earns, but also itself demands investments. The modern “consumer society” also is based on it. Similar the Body of “Gargantua” (not necessarily female, but especially female) is capable to ruin everything: we now also observe it. It should be stopped, that is to stop ourselves, having made the Capital and the Body not destroyers, but creators, to take them under Reason control, but not technocratic reason, but human (only which private kind is the technocratic reason). Progress achievements: technocratic "crutches" - it is possible and it is necessary to use, but not to rely on them.

So, Ecological erotology is a science about the Universe (ecology) and its motive forces (erotology). As a methodological basis the Capital-corporal a paradigm acts. Ecological erotology as well as possible illustrates a principle: «Thoughts it is global, operate locally».

The Great October socialist revolution was attempt of a fair reorganization of a society on the basis of property nationalization. For us unsuccessful experience of creation of houses-communes in the period of 1920’s is important. There were conversations on nationalization of women, and on the theory of "a water glass”, however the power has quickly enough understood that, except chaotic debauchery and growth of venereal diseases, they won't receive anything good, so all it has come to naught long before Stalin crackdown. Naked people in streets with a bandage «Down with shame!» haven't found understanding at the basic part of a society though directly it didn't contradict Marxism. Certainly, for houses-communes that was far not the most important question: they have collapsed for other reasons of political and household character. On creation of communes-kibutses it is possible to name only Israeli experience successful enough, it however is successful for one reason: according to a Judaism, the Jew should help near (i.e. to other Jew) – such here "trifle", and works.

The history has shown that only one socialized property (Capital) isn't capable to unite anybody, but generates only avidity, and the Body (in intersexual relations) – jealousy. Avidity and jealousy – here two enemies of true communism. That the Organized (operated) Sexuality is necessary to overcome them. Therefore we paraphrase V.I. Lenin: «The Communism is a socialism plus the organized sexuality» (and not electrification of all country).

Huge harm to the nature, society and the person is put imposed to all of us by «leadership and success psychology» (generation of Protestant "consumer society"). All are simply obliged to want to become leaders even if aren't capable of it and before didn't want. Will they be saving resources? Unless "leader" will think of "crumbs" and trifles, when in his head oil derricks and their getting? The main thing is to be the first, and the Nature: perhaps on our century will suffice. But the world (ecology) can't maintain slogans any more: «the Winner (leader) receives everything, enjoy life to the full, etc.», i.e., as a matter of fact, the Capital and the Body (money and women). To develop further the technocratic approach it became impossible and it is pernicious.

Considering the aforesaid, I suggest to begin Common cause: working out of the theory and practice of creation of Ecology-Erotological associations (communes) and manors.

So it is clear with an ecological component. It is possible to take something from experience of already existing ecological settlements. A thrift mode, ecological idea: «What for to good in vain to vanish». Within the limits of Ecology-Erotological associations (communes) it to realize is quite probably. Now to throw out is more cheaply, than to reflect on recycling, and here - a full cycle of recycling of a waste, biogas manufacture etc. Some cars in the general using are capable to reduce the general motor pool by a commune. In general there will be a reorganization (reorientation) of economy on service of communes.

Now about Erotology. Why not sexology? An essence that sex is present both at the person and at animals, and a sensuality only at the person: an anticipation, thinking of etc. – the second alarm system is for this purpose necessary. What in such communes will unite people? A non-commercial female body! Yes, yes: there should not be a body sale directly for money (prostitution) or indirectly (for the blessings): to marry the rich man, to have the well-founded lover is not for communes. Representatives of feminist movement should understand: disinterested donation of a female body – here a way to true clearing of the woman. Why the man who wants and can give to the woman pleasure, should "achieve" it? Given «the gallant approach» has become outdated. We in general live on fragments of old morals: and it is impossible to return to a traditional society back, and in the present to live it is problematic. Easily it is possible to tell: «I don't have not enough money» - and you will understand, but very few people admits: «I don't have enough sex»- will ridicule. Now the Body is made in the free order to the Woman, like it is fair, but, finally, destabilizes a society. There is an enslavement of the man: so in Russia it only should all and is obliged – to the state, to the woman etc. Enslavement of the woman was replaced by enslavement of the man. From this – the way of thinking: «They fools – they silly women», and as a result - set of lonely and unfortunate people of both floors. A loneliness problem – one of the pivotal in western, in general, and in Russian, in particular, a society. Certainly, there are also happy families (let are well and further) and happy singles (peace to them) but how to be to millions dissolved and to millions waiting (sometimes till the end of life) their unique. What if they do not have enough charisma to hunt successfully on representatives of an opposite sex? Propagandizing our commune, we, certainly, will receive reproach in depravity of full-aged youth, however «a box of Pandora» (sexual revolution) have opened to us: it is impossible to corrupt already corrupted with our mass-media. The person has passed from antiquity of orgiastic debauchery, through asceticism Abraham’s religions (first of all, Christianities) to the modern suspended and uncertain condition. Traditional religions, unfortunately, have lost former influence in broad masses: priests still had mainly «initiative» function (ceremonies at a birth, marriage, leaving from life, etc.). Our commune isn't necessary to remained rather religious people: they are happy in own way, especially, if their religion forbids similar forms of dialogue with the Female Body. After all it is meant that in a commune the woman voluntary (partially) "delegates" the Body to a commune in which occurs common work of Men and Women (including through the Body). It seems to us that many people of good will want and are ready to similar, but can't for old-moral reasons at all (hesitate, afraid to be the named losers). To encourage and help them – our problem.

So, the given statement of a question, probably, will lead to realization of century dream of mankind: availability of a female body, availability of public funds of the consumption based on voluntariness and goodwill without avidity and jealousy.

Priority – working out of Regulations of Ecology-Erotological communities: Who? When? How? With whom? Etc.



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