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Forum Post: Alternative Media is an Absolute Necessity!!

Posted 9 years ago on Oct. 22, 2012, 1:49 p.m. EST by zacherystaylor (243)
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By now most people that have been paying close attention to the traditional media and made some attempt to look at other sources know that the traditional media is controlled by corporate interests and they’re financed by commercials that create a strong bias not to expose the corruption of those that advertise with them. Many people already realize that the corporate media has consolidated into a small number of corporations that control the vast majority of traditional media that can get their points of view across to the vast majority of the public while few if any other organizations have this opportunity.

However the insidious thing about propaganda is that if it isn’t repeated over and over again people often forget it; and even if some of us don’t forget it there are still plenty of people that don’t think about it and become complacent and for them it is too easy to begin to go along with the program as the corporations want them to. In fact for most people they’ve been doing this all their lives and accepting the truth as presented to them by the corporate media. On top of that most people continue voting for the two parties that dominate the system without considering others that are much more likely to represent their interests. The corporate media has been using their control of the press to restrict the choices the vast majority of us choose from when we vote for higher office and they rarely if ever even try to do a good job covering any given issue.

To put it bluntly the corporate media is hardly even pretending that they don’t sell the news and allow their financiers to heavily influence their coverage.

In most cases the primary objective of the corporate media isn’t to inform the public, although they still make occasional claims that it is; it is to sell products and maximize profits for the advertisers and the corporate media. It wouldn’t take much to come up with a long list of subjects and how they don’t even come close to covering them properly. And in many cases the impact of the corrupt coverage can be and perhaps already is devastating to the majority of the public.

Complete article:


This blog was initially posted on Open Salon in august; it was accompanied by an effort to compile a list of alternative media outlets so that many other people can have an easier time finding other news outlets and understand why the traditional media hasn’t been reporting on many of the most important subjects. I suspect that most of the people involved in the OWS movement are already aware of teis and have already begun looking for other sources of information but there are still many people that are complacent or even if they recognize that the corporate media isn’t reliable they may not be doing much if anything to check with other sources.

In fact the Occupy Wall Street movement has already posed on this and compiled their own list.


This list isn’t actually the most comprehensive list of alternative media outlets that are related to the OWS movement and I have been compiling many more. Apparently many of these have started on their own, perhaps without coordination with the main OWS movement, which is what we would expect from a movement that rise from below. This is why I’m trying to do my part to compile a list so many more people can find their way around. When it is easier I have been just adding lists from other sources and would welcome other suggestions. I have also been adding what I consider quality issue related blogs although I prefer to avoid celebrity ones or off topic blogs cluttering it up and I have compiled a list of new political parties which would be helpful if we are going to break up the corporate duopoly of Democrats and Republicans that have been under the control of the corporations. The following is the list I am compiling which is on a Wiki so anyone can participate.


This was followed up with “Tracking the elite ruling class” which is an effort to make it clear that we have been deprived of many of the opposing views by the corporate media which gets most if not all of its pundits from the same class of people while people with opposing views have been shut out. By showing how many people from the media are related to each other I am hoping to show more clearly how only those with the appropriate views can get any coverage from the corporate media and they use this control to indoctrinate the public.


In both cases I would welcome any input and they both have accompanying Wiki’s so if you think I have missed any news outlets please let me know either by posting your suggestion here or just adding it to the Wiki. Thanks.



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[-] 1 points by Nevada1 (5843) 9 years ago

Thank you for this forum post.

[-] 1 points by zacherystaylor (243) 9 years ago

You're welcome, I think this deserves much more attention and fortunately it is getting it from many other sources although this hasn't spurred much response I will still try to improve on what I can.