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Forum Post: All this Talk of Marijuana

Posted 3 years ago on Oct. 20, 2011, 7:43 p.m. EST by Cicero (407)
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I'm not advocating that anyone use drugs. Nor am I endorsing the legalization of marijuana or other drugs.

However, I do find the laws and regulations regarding illicit drugs, particularly Marijuana to be absurd and unfair.

Where to start...

First of all it is a schedule 1 narcotic. Schedule 1 Narcotics must have 2 characteristics. 1. No accepted medicinal benefits. 2. Risk of addiction is substantial.

Both of these are lies. Marijuana has medicinal benefits and is not physically addictive.

Secondly, did we learn nothing from prohibition. If many people in a society want access to a good even if it is made illegal a black market will rise and give billions to organized crime. We subsidize Mexican cartels.

Third, Before Nixon started the war on drugs a.k.a war on those protesting the Vietnam war. He had a study commissioned. The famous Shaffer commission. Which suggested that marijuana was harmless and should be legalized. Nixon reportedly threw it away without reading it and started the war on drugs anyway.

We spend billions and billions a year on this "war" with no victory or end in sight.

We aren't allowed to grow hemp in this country which has hundreds of uses. Instead we have to buy the products from other nations. Seems like in this economy if you can grow something for a profit it should be legal.

The pharmaceutical companies fight marijuana legalization because of its medical benefits. Mainly because of all the people buying their drugs there are many that would be better suited to just eat a weed brownie without the side effects instead of spending hundreds to make the pharmaceutical companies rich.

The private prison industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. Both the prison guards and owners have their own lobbyists. They are opposed because millions and millions of people are convicted of marijuana related crimes each year. They would see profits fall if it were legalized or even decriminalized.

They say that marijuana is a gateway drug. But I argue that any effect to that extent is a characteristic of the black market. If your drug dealer sells many illegal drugs then he may pressure the customers into trying other drugs. Is milk a gateway to alcohol simply because you drink milk before you drink alcohol? There is no inherent characteristic of marijuana that leads a user to do other drugs.

They say we have to do it for the kids. But a Nationwide survey of high school students is performed every year and it is about drug use, sex