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Forum Post: All occupy needs to occupy itself with, is one question; a shift in attitude, and with that shift, the basis for all we require will be acheived. With this one shift, YOUR dreams...and mine.... WILL happen.

Posted 11 years ago on Dec. 25, 2011, 6:29 p.m. EST by blazefire (947)
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I would like to open as I like to, by thanking you personally for being here, simply for being here and in that moment supporting 'us'. Unity. Solidarity.

To the OP, and the single shift. We need to go from this:

World peace would be great, but.....

To this:

World peace would be great, how...

Fact is, whoever you are, reading this right now, the sad truth is, your probably going to align with the first statement, the vast majority does.

"It would be ideal, but...."

"Yeah sure it would fix everything, but...."

How. Such a simple change. There are other questions we may ask also:

"What problems are facing humanity at the moment?"

Another sad truth is, is that whoever you are, your going to have a list. And if I were to ask you, whoever you are : "Is there anything happening at the moment, that could lead to catastrophe for humanity?" You would have an answer for that too.

It's sad because it IS a truth, and chances are, whoever you are, that your right. And catastrophe is looming.....

When was the last time humanity, stood as one?

Humanity NEEDS to become self aware......

The problem

A good 'summation'...


We're running out of resources!


Capatalism and economic POV's:



The corporations:

Whos in charge?


I simply googled these guys, cause the list was simply to large to summarise.



I won't even begin with sources for this......

The solution?





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[-] 1 points by pumpkin (43) 11 years ago

If you want world piece, then tell the us government, to remove its military from all its conquered country's. now wasn't that simple- instant world piece- may the world live happily ever after.

[-] 1 points by IslandActivist (191) from Keaau, HI 11 years ago

You forgot to clearly state your purpose. What are you attempting to accomplish by this?

[-] 1 points by blazefire (947) 11 years ago

Such a thing would require a book to explain, in it's entirity......so that's what I provided...... Check out the above link, under The solution.

[-] 1 points by pumpkin (43) 11 years ago

The book has already been written!!
Noam Chomsky Hegemony or survival America's quest for global dominance

[-] 1 points by blazefire (947) 11 years ago

Yes! Someone else pointed out this book to me.....I hadn't heard of it before..... GREAT read.

For anyone who is simply scanning this thread, DO check out the above link.

I propose something which I am certain, Noam would agree with....


[-] 1 points by IslandActivist (191) from Keaau, HI 11 years ago

One cannot simply read a book, especially that long.

[-] 1 points by blazefire (947) 11 years ago

Fair enough!

What would you like to know about specifically? Tax, law, politics....etc?

Or 'how' world peace itself could be acheived.....for I'm afraid the answer to that will leave you with more questions....