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Forum Post: ALEC and Obama Team Up to Crush Jobs, Individuals and America

Posted 4 years ago on Jan. 3, 2014, 6:26 p.m. EST by AlwaysIntoSomething (42)
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More hope and change on the way.


As I have stated before, ALEC is just the platform the corporations use to create these junk laws. Its comprised of the biggest multinational corporations in the land.

They use Republicans to push their agenda in the legislature, and the Dems are more than happy to whore out to the cash and look the other way. Great leadership as usual.

Creating a platform to work from has a few advantages for corporations. First, it creates another target for attackers. Rather than looking at it at face value for what it is - a bunch of CEOs getting together, figuring out how to work the facsist system to their advantage, and then finding some dumb politicians to endorse it- its looked at as its own being.

You can check out the board members here: http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=ALEC_Corporations#Corporate_Board

Lots of drug companies, insurance companies and energy companies. The usual cartels. No banks on the board though, I always found that interesting. I guess they have their own racket (QE Forever Anyone?).

Anyways, some quick homework- yes, you have to weed through the propaganda if you want the real truth- at opensecrets.org shows how many Dems are accepting money from these very corporations.

So they take their money, but then claim to be against what they want?

In any other walk of life thats called a fraud.

Time to wake up people. How long do you have to get railroaded before not buying the bullshit anymore?



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