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Forum Post: Al Qaeda's Many "Masterminds": Recruited from MENSA? Or Made Up for the Media?

Posted 6 years ago on April 7, 2012, 3:47 a.m. EST by ironboltbruce (371) from Miami, FL
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Today a Google search for...

al qaeda mastermind

...unquoted returns 3,160,000 results, but strangely a search for...

+"al qaeda" +mastermind

returns only 2.

When I first posted the following analysis a couple of years ago, the results were very different. And the Google link below is not the only link below to content that has been whitewashed, airbrushed or erased:

Al Qaeda's Many "Masterminds": Recruited from MENSA? Or Made Up for the Media?

Even after removing all references to "al quaeda" and "mastermind" that also mention any of these names...

abed abssi ahmed amara aqeel awlaqi badawi badri barot hammoud khalid kini masri mejjati nashiri noordin osama rachid rami rangzieb rauf saleh sayyid shahri zafar zakaria zarqawi zawahiri zubaydah

...our top three search engines--Google, Yahoo and Bing--still serve up six-figure results regarding a host of supposedly brainy bad guys, which should be more than enough to keep the American Sheeple scared, silent and submissive:




Is Al Qaeda recruiting from MENSA, perhaps? Or is this ceaseless succession of Jihadist genuises--which we are told we must corner, collar, cripple or kill---as fake as some of the faces of Osama Bin Laden they try to sell us?




Oh well ... there's money to be made ... "the War" must go on. And we can't sell bullets without bad guys to blast. So even if Benazir Bhutto really was assassinated for spilling the beans about Bin Laden being blown away...


...you can bet your baby's combat boots that America's masters will never let the mental midgets in our media run short of talented terrorists to talk about.



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