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Forum Post: Agorism and dual power- the future of occupy

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 3, 2012, 3:29 p.m. EST by assasin (25)
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DUAL POWER: Libertarian socialists have more recently appropriated the term to refer to the non-violent strategy of achieving a libertarian socialist economy and polity by means of incrementally establishing and then networking institutions of direct participatory democracy to contest the existing power structures of state-capitalism. In this context, the strategy itself is sometimes also referred to as "counterpower" to differentiate it from the term's Leninist origins.

kind of obvious to see how occupy could become this, your government, as far as i can tell is similar to libertarian socialists, and the concept of occupation is like taking over statist areas. besides the fact that libertarian socialists founded occupy and are part of key working groups and have considerable power, possibly why it looks so dual powery

AGORISM is revolutionary market anarchism. In ... market anarchist society, law and security will be provided by market institutions, not political institutions. Agorists recognize, therefore, that those institutions can not develop through political reform. Instead, they will come about as a result of market processes. As government is banditry, revolution culminates in the suppression of government by market providers of security and law. Market demand for such service providers is what will lead to their emergence. Development of that demand will come from economic growth in the sector of the economy that explicitly shuns state involvement (and therefore can not turn to the state in its role as monopoly provider of security and law). That sector of the economy is the counter-economy – black and grey markets.

less obvious to see the relationship but it could work with a little work. the kritarchist dispute regulation of trusted people, and the fact that occupation often have small farms, which agorists see as key to the growth of the counter economy, selling small amounts of food you grew yourself is often a good starting point, as food is a basic necessity and so is important to sell



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