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Forum Post: Agent Provocateurs- Undercover cops inciting violence from within the ranks

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 9, 2011, 9:30 a.m. EST by Attaburnsinhell (0) from New York, NY
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THE RIGHTWING ARE GETTING READY TO INFILTRATE #OWS If you've noticed, big name rightwingers- Limbaugh, Romney, Cantor, Fox news etc are dropping hints about "violence, trouble, dangerous people"in regards to OWS. Occupy is a huge threat to their machine and they want to shut it down. The fastest way to do this is by a violent incident involving protestors and police. In Miami a few years back, undercover police infiltrated a union protest and provoked a clash between the peaceful marchers and police. The police busted heads and shut down the march, arresting people. OWS has been a model of civility and non-violence and it's imperitive that it gets kept that way. Any incident like what happened at the Smithsonian today could end it with a real black eye. Rightwing operatives and/or police will attempt to infiltrate and provoke an incident. OWS is a loose knit operation and is vulnerable to 5th columnists. Organizers must set Marshals to watching their own crowds with orders to be on the look-out for these people. Have cameras ready, move in on any potential flash point, smother any attempt to throw rocks and bottles, incindiary devices, general hostile confrontations with the police. this is a seriuos threat, be aware



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[-] 1 points by joshl1984 (22) from Bremerton, WA 12 years ago

I agree we need to focus on one message and not deviate from that message part of that message needs to convey NON-VIOLENCE and it wouldn't hurt to wrap that message in the american flag that way nobody can accuse us of being anti-American

[-] 1 points by bangbang (61) 12 years ago

The CIA, FBI,NSA and under cover agents as well as Catholic and Christians spyies who also work for the government have already infiltrated your ranks and web sites and everywhere you live and go. They have been watching you for some time now. Sure these people can be as crazy as any nut job but you need to know they are also trained in psychological warfare to destroy you and your groups, their strategy is to penetrate, disperse and destroy. They start false rumors and propaganda aimed at destroying your people and the movement, expose them and their lies and you have a chance of winning.

[-] 1 points by gailziggy (20) from East Hampton, NY 12 years ago

This is TRUE! This is exactly how mind control works. Condition the masses for what is to come (what is to be carefully manipulated!), and then give it to them so they'll accept it as truth.